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Thread subject: Bald eagle family at Race Rocks
Name Date Message
Pam 11/27/04 06:37 pm Mature eagle and three juveniles at RR yesterday, beautiful birds, a few more pics added to album at:
cathy 11/27/04 10:11 pm I was watching them too and captured some shots - thanks for explaining how. I could sit and watch all day. Risky...
Celeste 11/28/04 05:37 am Pam you certainly pick the best times to watch! Once again, great photos...thanks!
Pam 11/28/04 08:08 am Glad you are enjoying it Cathy - it certainly is addictive because you just never know when something exciting will happen and it's going to get even better in the next couple of months as far as the eagles are concerned. I think it is a pity in a way that we have to discuss RR on other websites as we do here (and on Orca-live and Whalewatchers) and in a way I feel it is a bit rude to do this. However, as RR was developed primarily for education purposes at Pearson College and elsewhere I can see why they don't want a whole bunch of people from all over the world taking over. An argument for public involvement is that people are viewing at different times and may spot something that everyone else has missed (perhaps only by a few seconds). Celeste, I find that just after dawn at RR is a good time to look in and not too many people operating the cam at that time.
cathy 11/28/04 01:47 pm I enjoy watching the sea lions' social activity. Some are always challenging eachother, and striking out with open mouth - others are just laying there. Others are busy getting in and out of the water and finding just the right spot on the rocks. Some are swimming around watching or fishing. They always seem to be in roiling motion. Birds seem to be meditating - or perhaps digesting. They inscrutably sit alert, but motionless except for the wind riffling their feathers, for hours. Then something internal prompts them to move.
Marie 11/28/04 08:28 pm Pam, those pics are so useful, and outstanding to say the least. I have been in contact with my Eagle project co-ordinator and she has suggested that since Race Rocks is so close to the Dept. of national Defence area where three juvenile eagles fledge this year. She has proposed that the three seen on the RR camera maybe part of the DND territory and all three youngsters know each other.......we will never know of course. Great work Pam.....
cathy 11/28/04 09:05 pm It was interesting to watch the 3 juveniles. First, the adult was standing there with something that looked like seagull feathers under its foot, with 3 juveniles looking on from a distance. Then there was 1 juvenile with the adult and 2 looking on from a distance. I imagined that all 3 were hoping the adult would feed them, just like the good old days when they were in the nest. Only 1 had the audacity or permission to sit close to the (I imagined the) parent. Yet all this was without much motion - just hours of presence - laden with eagle meaning.
Pam 11/30/04 03:42 pm Yes Marie, that DND area is quite near as you say and I got the feeling that the adult and 3 young were one family. As we all know from watching the ospreys, the young can have very different character traits, dependence, independence, aggressiveness, adventurousness (if there is such a word). It was clear, as Cathy mentioned that one was quite content to be next to the adult and the other two were happy in each others company a little further away. I feel sure these are the same birds that I saw the other day. The peregrine was back yesterday. I saw it swoop amongst a disturbed crowd of gulls and it came to rest on the lighthouse again, where it stayed for a few minutes before flying off. Not clear enough to get a screengrab unfortunately. You can guess when the birds of prey are around because all the roosting birds suddenly take to the air in a panic.
Marie 12/01/04 01:24 am Yes Pam, those other birds certainly head off when the RAPTORS arrive at RR.......I try to check in more regularly now but haven't seen any Eagles yet. Haven't mastered the art of controlling the camera yet either, but that is because my mind is still I am still off work recuperating.
Celeste 12/01/04 02:24 pm Oh Marie I am so glad you said that about controlling the camera....I am having a bit of trouble too when it is my turn at the controls....however, I am afraid it must be because I am "left-handed" as my mother used to tell me when I couldn't do something right! Hope you are feeling better.
Marie 12/01/04 10:45 pm Thank you for your kind words everyone. The business of buying a car........can be mind boggling. I am so glad I have a son who knows a great deal about cars and also all the right questions to ask. What a lot of help he is......Simplicity is my kind of world......when there is too much to chose from as in CARS , Beds etc then it gets much too complexed for But I have to make a choice and it must be soon. I will sleep on it...Just heard that an average car accident creates a G-force of 70. Wow, now I know why I feel like I have been hit by a track!

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