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Thread subject: Prayers across the Nation.
Name Date Message
Marie 11/28/04 08:48 pm Thank you all, you wonderful people that quietly prayed for strength and recovery for my friend Veronica. She had done well and is home now trying to rest and recover fully after those 'NOISY NIGHTS' in a hospital ward. Her doctors are most positive about the outcome so we keep our fingers crossed for complete healing... In the meantime all those prayers worked for me too, for I was protected safely from a nasty car crash last Monday afternoon that has totalled my Jetta...Airbags WORK!!! It wasn't my fault, however it has left me rather 'SHOCKED' , something like a SPACE CADET...No broken bones, just some bruising. Oh the power of prayer...
Thank you everyone.
Now the business of getting another car........
Marie 11/28/04 08:49 pm PS..........I hope all of you that were able to celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful time with family and friends........
RonS 11/28/04 08:55 pm Marie,
So glad to read the positive news. Anyone who doubts the power of prayer just ain't been paying attention.
Nancy L 11/28/04 10:36 pm Marie - So glad you're safe, and Veronica is doing better. Your knowledge is important to our group!
Celeste 11/29/04 05:21 am Oh Marie everytime I "notice" you are quiet on the board I start wondering what is going on!

Thank goodness you are safe, and I will of course continue prayers for your friend. As Nancy said perfectly, we need your knowledge! Take care of yourself too!
Pam 11/29/04 10:58 am Oh my goodness Marie - it has been a tough couple of weeks for you - I assumed because we hadn't seen you that you had been preoccupied with other issues but sorry to hear of your accident. So glad you are alright but you must be shattered in the nerve department. Try and get some rest, physical and mental - you sure need it. My best wishes to you and your friend Veronica - glad to hear she is out of hospital.
Kathy 11/29/04 04:58 pm Marie, my prayers will continure for you and Veronica.
Lori 12/01/04 09:33 pm Hey Marie, sorry this is late; I've been spending time Christmas shopping. Glad to hear that you & Veronica are recovering. I think, that the next time you want a little excitement in your life; it would be easier to go swimming at this time of year instead of playing bumper cars on the highway!! :-) Good luck car shopping. Peace

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