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Thread subject: Pictures to look at
Name Date Message
Mickey 04/19/04 08:21 pm This is the best I can do. I took 3 pictures from the black water site and one is the ariel picture of Brookhaven. Then theres one of DPOF`s nest from far away,the trail leading up to the Wertheim nest and then the Wertheim nest with a Osprey in the nearby tree.
Please go to
on that page you can visit a members photo album.
just type osprey04
once there click the slideshow. I can upload more pictures if you have taken any from Wertheim.Just email them to me.
Cecilia 04/19/04 08:29 pm Hi Mickey,
Do we have to join to see the pictures? I didn't see anywhere to type in osprey 04...
Shelley 04/19/04 08:31 pm Mickey!!! The photos are wonderful!!! You must have a zoom lens or how on earth did you get that close to the nest to take that shot of the eggs?! And the one of the 2 osprey with that (holds my nose and reaches for the brown bag) fish!!!!! You have an excellent eye, are you a professional photographer?

Those eggs look rather big! I guess our view of the nest and Betty's eggs don't give us such a perspective.

Thank you for this.
Mickey 04/19/04 08:34 pm Cecelia.......You dont have to join.....on the left it says visit member.

Shelly......The pictures your referring to are NOT mine. I stole them from a site somewhere.
Shelley 04/19/04 08:35 pm Oh. (big grin) Here, want the brown bag?
Shelley 04/19/04 08:36 pm They ARE great, though!!
Mickey 04/19/04 08:36 pm I think I got them from here Shelly:

yes please to the brown bag *wink*
Shelley 04/19/04 08:52 pm Intersting site. Here's a link to some info from it about feeding. It tells what they eat, mostly fish but sometimes, when fish aren't available, small rodents, mammals and even other birds!!! It didn't say anything about the fish heads, though, other than they carry them with the head facing forward to reduce air friction or something like that.
Lori 04/19/04 09:49 pm Thanks for sharing Mickey! Could we have more please. :-)
Cecilia 04/20/04 10:23 am Those were great! Is that the Carmen's River? Those eggs look huge from that position...and their coloration makes the white egg look even odder! Maybe Betty has been sneaking off to have "meetings" with a chicken :-)
Mickey 04/20/04 12:02 pm Lori......Im waiting for Jack to send me his shots.When I go back,I will take more.If anyone has any they want posted just email me them.

Cecilia......The arial shot is the Carmens river where it empties into the Great South Bay.

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