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Thread subject: Woods Hole Opsrey Update
Name Date Message
karen 11/29/04 09:07 am Happy Thanksgiving to all. I was away for the week and found this in my email.

Thought I would update everyone on the latest news on our Ospreys.
Both Jaws and Bluebeard are settled down in Colombia. Jaws
doesn't seem to have moved more than a few miles from the very spot
he first alit on the South American continent, on the Guajira
Peninsula. We're currently working on the logistics of getting the
BBC crew down there to film him to wrap up their documentary. The
main issue is security, but according to some local birding guides
who are helping us out with this, they should be able to get in and
out safely. Now they just have to convince the higher ups at the BBC.
I was able to recover Bunga's radio. Sadly, Bunga did not
make it. His remains were along the shore of a small reservoir.
CSI-New London wasn't able to tell much from the bones and feathers.
The transmitter and a couple of wing bones were about 20 yards from
the spot where he died, so something--raccoon maybe, dragged a wing
and the attached transmitter away from the body. There's no way to
tell why he died. It could be West Nile Virus, which is known to
affect raptors in particular.
No signals from Tasha and Elsie in a long time, so they
either died on migration or their radios malfunctioned.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Rob Bierregaard
Biology Dept.
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte NC 28223

704 333 2405
Celeste 11/29/04 04:07 pm Thanks Karen for sharing the news. It makes me wonder about our chicks, last year's and this years.......
Kathy 11/29/04 04:54 pm I wonder about the same thing Celeste.
cathy 11/29/04 05:30 pm I plan to go to Southern Mexico near Chiapas in December and January. Perhaps I'll be able to see Peace, Spirit or Chickzilla, Betty or Dennis and bring them our love and best wishes for successful return. I can speak in Osprey and let them know that Mickey will be accepting collect phone calls.
Celeste 11/29/04 08:30 pm Thanks Cathy......what a relief!!!!! This way we won't have to worry too much about them......So glad you are multi-lingual!!!!! Bon Voyage! Oh and tell them not to speak Spanish to Mickey so we can understand the conversation!
Marie 12/01/04 11:11 pm Cathy, do as Celeste suggested with regards to our special hope you find our family well and growing in wisdom and agility. Hope you get to see more than know, and we all know( at least we should have learnt by now) those eastern ospreys don't go to Mexico...They migrated to the Carribean, Central and South America....I believe it is the west coast birds that head to mexico...darn it! I just burst someone's bubble..:-(( SORRY!
cathy 12/02/04 11:36 am I view any osprey I see as a precious instance of ospreyness - whether east or west coast. If they can join up and arrive at the same nesting grounds after dispersing over a wide Southern territory, individual osprey may have some mystical unity that we are not able to understand. Its the only way I can think about these individual birds we have seen. My small efforts and awareness only makes a small increment of change, if any, in their rate of survival over the years. I believe your intense caring about the Victoria area ospreys, Marie, actually benefits the ospreys on Long Island.

We will be just north of Guatemala and John tells me there will be some lagoons where migrated birds hang out. Before we leave on the 21st, I plan to learn a little more about what I can expect to see. I have checked out library books by Steven N.G. Howell - A Bird-Finding guide to Mexico. By the way, each person on this site - their interest in birds, photography and warm encouragement has enriched my life greatly. Each of you, hanging out in your own (human) lagoons all over the world!
Celeste 12/03/04 05:10 am Amen Cathy......And though it is not quite the time you are leaving, have a safe and wonderful trip....I am looking forward to hearing all about it. It is a priviledge to have met all on this board. I think we are a unique and wonderful bunch! I don't think the DPOF ever realized what bonds their creating this osprey site would create!

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