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Thread subject: Excellent Radio link online
Name Date Message
Shelley 12/01/04 11:18 am I never much liked science when I was in school but you'd never know it from how much I LOVE this show! This is a science show that's on every Saturday after the news at noon on our CBC radio(which is like the American NPR). The host, Bob McDonald, is a terrific interviewer (and writer, by the way) and as a person who hated science as a kid and was never any good at it, I can attest to the fact that if HE had been my science teacher, things would have been VERY different for me!! (of course, he's my age so it couldn't have happened but you get my drift )

This week, Bob is doing a special book show. Here's a blurb from the weekly newsletter I receive. I am willing to bet the once you start browsing the archived shows (all topics are listed and available to listen to), you will be hooked! I've posted the link at the bottom:

This week we have a special edition of *Quirks & Quarks*:
Our Holiday Book Show.

From human evolution, to the history of a tree, to the stories behind our dreams, we look at some of this season's most intriguing science books. First, renowned evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins has rewritten the story of our evolution with a new twist in The Ancestor's Tale. He tells the story in reverse, climbing down the tree of life from the present to meet the creatures we used to be. It's a long, strange trip, with some fascinating new insights into life on our planet, and what makes us what we are. Next, Wayne Grady and David Suzuki bring us the life story of one magnificent and extraordinary Douglas fir; and then Alan Hobson takes us inside our subconscious and explains the 13 Dreams Freud Never Had.

That's all on Quirks & Quarks, Saturday right after the noon news on Radio One.

Bob McDonald

Here is a link to listen to all of the show's archived programs. Each week's current show is available to listen to 2 hours after broadcast:

(scroll down and click on the show you want to hear. If you have a dial-up connection, it may be slow but in my opinion, he is so excellent, it is well worth the wait.
Celeste 12/01/04 02:21 pm Thanks Shelley, I have bookmarked the site and when I can get the computer to myself for a while I intend to "indulge"!!!!
Marie 12/01/04 11:02 pm Lots of great tittles there Shelley especially about BIRDS and the solar system, even ancient history from past braodcasts. Will have to check some of them out. Thanks for the link. ;-))
cathy 12/01/04 11:11 pm Thanks, Shelley. This looks very interesting. I look forward to listening to it.

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