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Thread subject: Happy Holidays!
Name Date Message
Celeste 12/21/04 05:05 am Happy, Healthy Holidays to all....Peace on Earth...
It's wonderful that we have kept this board going on the "off" season and it occurred to me that there is only 2 and change months till Betty & Dennis return. Last year they arrived on the Ides of March!
I am wondering if the cam was fixed and is ready to go..... "Dave"?
Ann 12/21/04 10:17 am Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

Just thought I would let you know the BBC TV tagged 2 young Ospreys from Marthas Vineyard and have tracked them to Colombia. They have now been given permission to go to Columbia in January (I think, but that seems early) to watch the birds prepare for their journey north again. They are including a programme or series on migration to be shown sometime next year.

Your birds must be easier to follow than ours, I suppose because it is mainly one large land mass south.

Good luck and peaceful times to you all and all our feathered friends.

Nancy L 12/21/04 11:50 am Let me add my wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my DPOF Message Board friends!
Pam 12/21/04 04:03 pm Yes, Happy Christmas and a healthy new year to one and all. I agree, it has been great to just look in to this site on a more or less daily basis and to be a part of this community of like-minded people. It's hard to believe that it is only a couple of months or so, all being well, before we can start checking the nest again. Thank you for the privilege and thank you to all those involved in working to keep this website available to us all. Dennis Puleston has left the world a wonderful gift.
Marie 12/21/04 08:10 pm Ditto Ditto Ditto,
What a great message board this has been and what a wonderful place to make new friends. I too want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas season.
May Santa bring the right " tools"for the staff at DPOF so that the camera will be up and running in the near future. We just can't miss anything once that New Year arrives. Wishing you all the best Tom and Dave with the Christmas "fixings" that the web site requires. Wish I could fly in a new camera for you, but........just had to buy a new-to-me car :((
A safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Lori 12/21/04 09:22 pm Merriest of Christmas's to you all. I haven't posted much lately.....Holiday frenzy; but I do check and read up. The eagle pics were great. Thanks for sharing Pam. Marie glad that your bird count was successful & good weathered. I too enjoy coming here and sharing, Thanks for having me!! All the best for a Happy & Healthy 2005! As always...DPOF you guys are the best!! Thankyou for sharing the ospreys with us. :-)
Cecilia 12/23/04 12:12 pm Hi Everyone!

I'm so sorry that I've been missing in has just been all consuming this fall and days go by before I get around to checking in...then I don't have time to respond and I'm off to the next crisis. It will slow down in the dead of winter, thank God!

I just want to add my best wishes for a happy holiday to all of you! I hope you will all be just where you want to be and able to relax some as 2005 approaches. It's been a great year to be part of our little "family" and I'm so looking forward to the return of Betty and Dennis.

Thank you for pictures and stories and news updates about birds and wildlife around the globe! It's been so much fun to visit other web cams and to "go" on birding and vacation trips with so many of you :-)

Here's wishing you good health and Happy New Year!!! And, may 2005 find us watching another nest filled with chicks that get along as well as this years group!!!
karen 12/24/04 01:53 pm Happy Holiday and New Year to all ... I am going into tax season so when I finally start to see the end of it it will be time to start watching for the return of our Osprey's and the start of another year. Thanks to all of you for sharing so much this year and to DPOF for making it all possible.
Mickey 12/24/04 06:11 pm Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you all :)
Enjoy and most of all dont drink and drive please.
Tim 12/25/04 07:17 am Happy Cristmas to all the friends of the DPOF.

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