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Thread subject: High winds
Name Date Message
Shelley 03/21/04 01:58 pm I am new to this site, and am totally hooked!! I have been observing the cam for the last few days and have enjoyed it tremendously! I love that this is live video streaming with audio -- what a wonderful opportunity to observe such a phenomenon from the bird's perspective. Thank you to all who make this possible.

I have noticed that today, there have been exceptionally high winds, so much so that the entire nest seems to be blowing and rocking from side to side. Perhaps the answers to my questions lie somewhere else on this site that I have not yet explored fully, but I was wondering, is this nest on a platform or in a tree; is it anchored in any way, or protected? Could it technically blow off??! Also, is it an optical illusion or just me, but it has seemed to me at other times (except today) that the nest seems stable while the background seems to be moving in the wind! Is this possible? What exactly am I seeing when this occurs?

Matt 03/21/04 02:48 pm Shelley, the nest is on a platform. I'm not sure if it is anchored or not. In my opinion it has to be somehow or else the high winds would rip it off the platform.

When you see the background moving, you are actually experiencing the entire platform moving. The camera is attached to the post of the platform, so when the whole platform (nest and camera) sways, it appears to us that the background is moving because the camera is moving along with the nest.
Celeste 03/21/04 03:39 pm Welcome Shelley.....if you go to "home" of this website, you will see a picture of the platform. Osprey are very willing to use these manmade platforms for their nests. Also, you should get acquainted with the streaming videos of last years chick and osprey. I think you will love them! It is very troubling to hear these winds, however, last year we had heavy winds, heavy spring rains, and somehow there was a thriving nest! Enjoy.
Shelley 03/21/04 04:20 pm Thanks, both of you! I will go have a look at those videos from last year. The high winds today are making me a bit seasick, myself!! LOL

Did you catch it earlier this morning when one of them brought a fish and dropped it in the nest and the other snatched it up, and took off with it? It was pretty funny!
Mickey 03/21/04 04:55 pm Hi Shelly. Several of us asked the question about it blowing off last year. As I recall the answer was yes. But theres a but :) This particular nest is about 25 years old and weighs in the 100`s of pounds. Its supposedly about 5 feet around and 5 feet deep. Maybe someone from DPOF can be more specific.
RonS 03/21/04 08:07 pm Hi Shelly,
I would suggest that you read the archived commentary from the 2003 season. It contains a lot of information that the good folks from DPOF posted last year in response to many of our questions on the message board. I've reviewed it myself a couple of time so I can remember what I learned. :-o LOL
Welcome, RonS

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