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Thread subject: New Message Board Interface for Testing
Name Date Message
Tom T 04/21/04 08:33 am I have modified the Message Board interface and would like people to try it out.

In addition to the current day's entries being in red, all unvisitted links are in red and all links are individual rather than grouped by thread. When you go to a link, it will be in green afterwards (unless you clear your browser's history, when they will be red again). A plus for this change is that you will know when a new entry is made in a thread even when you did not check on the day it was entered. The minus for this change is that unless you click on each link for a thread, some will remain red, but since they are in time order any red above a green in a thread have been seen.

Second, the number of entries per page is now 50. I do not want to put all of the entries in a single page since, as it gets longer and longer, viewers with slow connections will have to wait longer and longer for the page to load.

The URL for the test page is

One final question: would people be interrested in a "chat room" style web page where message are displayed one after another without subjects or links to click on, just a time stamp, the "handle" of the poster and the message?
Mickey 04/21/04 10:19 am Hi Tom. Thanks for the test page. Can we try it out first before we try the chat style? Maybe we wont have to try chat style with the new changes youve done. Thanks for the improvements.
Mickey 04/21/04 11:17 am I like the change Tom. I like the green/red setup.It will help so we dont have to search for numbers. Can you maybe bump the 50 to 100? Or would that be to much for dialup users? I havent seen the chat style so my vote is to keep the present style and just tweek it like you`re doing.
While we have you, will DPOF be bringing in Osprey specialists to address the questions about the birds that have gone unanswered like you did last year? I looked forward to the weekly commentaries last year.
thank you,
Mickey Martin
Celeste 04/21/04 06:46 pm I agree with Mickey regarding keeping the present style vs. the chat style. However, I must admit, right now I guess I am tired, but I am a bit confused with the green-red setup. I have been going back and forth testing and like I said I must be bushed and it just is not "clicking" for me right now. (Mickey--help?)

Also for the record, I will not hit the "post the follow message" for the 4th time. I keep getting the "can't connect" message.
Celeste 04/21/04 06:48 pm Ok, what I meant to say was I had to hit the Post the message 4 times before it went through. Also when I hit the "back" button to see how my message looked, it was not in the green/red set up.
Mickey 04/21/04 07:50 pm Celeste......As I read Toms post again, the green red setup,50 posts is on a temporary page. Heres what I did.I knows its a pain in the butt, but its a start. I clicked each individual post then clicked the back button thus making every post green as if I read it. I also made Toms link he posted up top my main favorite for now. I can access the ob and cam link still and until Tom makes his experiment permanent Im going to give this a try. I get the not connected to db too. Im not sure why its happening but maybe its because Tom is working on it and has to take it down for a moment or 2? Im only guessing. God,I hope all that makes sense.
Mickey 04/21/04 07:54 pm And to confuse you more, when you post from the new test msg board it kicks you back to the regular one :) So go back to the test page and look. Your new post will be red because you have to read it to go green :)))

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