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Thread subject: re new format/test board
Name Date Message
Shelley 04/21/04 07:26 pm I'm starting a new post for this because I'm afraid that it will get lost if I continue down where it was begun.

Personally, I don't like the red/green. Speaking for myself, I find it more confusing than helpful. What would help, in my opinion, is a time stamp (time of posting) and if the numbers must stay, if they could be at the beginning of the post, rather than the end, for ease of reading and searching for new posts.

I also DON'T think a chat style would work well here. I like having *threads* with subject lines. That makes for easier reading and following of conversations. Just one post after another, with no knowing what conversation is going on, would be mighty user-unfriendly, especially for someone not computer-savvy (or patient!!) like me! Also, as someone mentioned, for those of us who work all day and can only check in in the evenings and weekends, I don't see how that can work.

Unless I'm misreading and misunderstading the suggested format altogether (which is always a distinct possibilty!), I would much rather plow through the familiar than lose the *flow*, right when it's getting exciting around here!

I also frequent a message board called Animal Life, over at a network called Bellaonline. I have no clue how setting up boards works but if you want to see how that format looks, here's a link. I like the way it works there, but again, I really don't know anything about it and if such a format could even be considered here.;f=197

Shelley, stepping off my soapbox now.....

PS - I'm also getting *not connected to DB* when I try to post this message. It has also happened to me several times this morning)

Celeste 04/21/04 07:56 pm I am so relieved to hear that someone else is also confused with the red/green...AND I am very inclined to agree with you. Sometimes after a long day, my patience wears thin. Just removing the glitches of the current message board seems the right thing to do at this point as like you said, we are in the "flow".
Mickey 04/21/04 08:16 pm Celeste & Shelly......Please read what I suggested on Toms thread. After I made Toms url my main url and clicked each post on the 1st page making the red links all green its working quite nicely. Tom just has to make that temporary url the permanant one :)
Shelley 04/21/04 08:26 pm Mickey, I have no doubt that the new suggestion appeals to some. And I only stated my own personal discomfort with it and my preferences (since we were asked!) I am not great with change and even worse when it involves technology ;-). But, I am so hooked to this site and I have been welcomed and made to feel comfortable with all of you so, whatever happens here, I will manage somehow.....I just hope it all doesn't change on me right before the hatchings!! EEK! There's only so much focus and excitement my feeble little brain can process!

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