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Thread subject: Don't Get Frustrated
Name Date Message
Cecilia 04/21/04 10:14 pm We've all been having trouble for the last few days...posting, frozen pictures, network problems, changes in's been rocky! But rest assured, Tom Throwe is working on all of the problems. He reads the message board and understands the issues, but he has a full time job besides trying to make the osprey cam run smoothly. It may take a few days to get all of this straightened out but he and the DPOF take our involvement very seriously and want to get this site running in the best way possible. Hang in there...the best is yet to come!
Celeste 04/22/04 05:52 am Cecilia is the end, I know this website will be a model site, thanks to all the hard work of Tom and the others at DPOF. We all agree that this site is the most innovative out there. Of course it was the previous older sites that laid the foundation for this one. The DPOF osprey site in turn will become a model for similar future observing websites. In small ways, all of us participating are pioneers in helping to improve this wonderful site by trying out the new features and giving feedback. As Cecilia said, "hang in there" and she is right, from our experiences last year, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!
Jack 04/22/04 09:38 am I agree fully. I've been surfing around looking at eagle cams,owl cams, bat cams,....etc. and the DPOF site stands head and shoulders above them all. Keep up the great work Tom. It's easy for us all to sit in the comfort of our homes with a cup of coffe at our side clicking here and scrolling there and not realizing that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to give us all the privelege of viewing something that most people don't even realize exists. For example, while my granddaughter and I were sitting on the ground leaning on an oak tree watching the osprey nest the other day at the refuge....we had people walking by that not only were oblivious to this huge nest just 50 ft. above them....but they didn't even see US
Mickey 04/22/04 12:43 pm I agree with all of you. This site is the best. The 2nd best setup isint even close to DPOF`s.
The change to the msg board is much better now too. When I looked in this morning all the new posts were there in red just like Tom said !
Bravo !

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