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Thread subject: Bayard Cutting Arboretum
Name Date Message
Nancy L 04/23/04 09:00 am Took another walk yesterday evening - they stay open 'til sunset, which is @ 7:45 these days. I DID see the Osprey nest on the mansion chimney. But I always go to check the 2 nests at the north end of the park. You have to walk towards the railroad tracks. One nest is at the east end of a large field - just off the path by the river. The other is in the loop walk that goes across from the Dowling College library (large windows with curved tops.) You will see the nest when you get to a cemented section of the walk. It is on top of an old tree. Yesterday I saw what is possibly another (3rd) nest there - also on top of a pine tree. I will check it out at next visit. I definitely saw 3 seperate pairs of osprey in that north end of the park. Yes, they are nesting.
Nancy L 04/23/04 09:04 am It usually takes me between 1 - 1&1/4 hours to walk to that loop & back with a little time to observe the birds.
Celeste 04/23/04 01:15 pm On Tuesday afternoon I was able to make a quick visit to Bayard's and just as I approached the nest that is on top of the chimney there, an osprey flew back to the nest. I sat on one of their lawn chairs with binoculars for a while but because they are "nesting" you can't see anything. However, last July around the 10th or so, the chicks were standing in the nest about to fledge and I was lucky to see them practicing and chirping loudly. It is then that one can have a "ringsize" seat!
Shelley 04/23/04 06:43 pm Have you two (or any other of you New Yorkers!) met in person? Just curious
Nancy L 04/23/04 07:42 pm No, I haven't met anyone, yet!
Mickey 04/23/04 08:42 pm I havent met anyone from here because Im not allowed to fraternize with ex cons *wink*

Nancy or Celeste? directions to said Arboretum please? Cost anything to get in etc?
Lori 04/23/04 10:37 pm How do we know you're not the x-con? :) Haven't been able to turn the computer on for 2 days. Can't believe how much I've missed. I like all the colors-- no I'm not really interested in a chat room. Go Eagles! I've not met any of you either-- least I think I haven't! Sleep well See you all tomorrow.
Cecilia 04/24/04 01:14 am Hi Shelley,
Celeste and I finally met after last years chicks flew south and we've stayed in touch ever since. Our husbands think we're wacky but we think that sharing a love for wildlife and is as good a basis for a friendship as any! Maybe we will try to organize a Message Board Survivors Meeting at the end of this season :-)
Celeste 04/24/04 05:49 am Yes, Cecilia & I have met and we "knew" who each other was at the "moment" we met too, (and no we didn't wear an "osprey" costume. We have talked about organizing some sort of meeting at the end of the season. Oh and Mickey, though I have not met Kathy, we have both discovered that we grew up in the same neighborhood!
Shelley 04/24/04 06:49 am I don't know if I've mentioned this here but I used to cohost a Wildlife Watching board on another network. It was a wonderful group of gals. Last summer, I also had the opportunity to meet 3 of them and just last month, I drove down to Niagara Falls, NY (2 hours from here), to meet another. There is only one other in our group of 6 gals who I haven't met yet but the 6 of us are in constant touch via email.

Funny, when I met the first one last summer, in Ithaca, NY, we both had brought a picture of our favourite *wildlife* to hold up as ID, though, like you two, we really didn't need to! It was so funny.

Cecilia, although I am fairly new to this board, I sure feel part of it already. I LOVE your idea of the *Message Board Survivors Meeting*. Wouldn't that be great!!! I know it certainly will feel like withdrawal, once the ospreys are fledged and gone; I know that from the eaglecam site! :-)
Celeste 04/24/04 09:17 am I am checking the message board before running some errands, but just wanted to tell you Shelley, that even during the winter some of us kept up the messages. Not every day of course, but at various times, holidays, and if you check the archives, our Mickey was fortunate to receive "phone calls" from the 2 fledged chicks, Liberty and Freedom from South America. They were hilarious! If you have a moment, read those archived messages from last year during the winter. We would also recommend books to each other, and Fred from Texas, recommended the beautiful movie Winged Migration, which I ended up buying from and watched it all through the winter. You might be interested in it...if you check you can see a "commercial" of the movie. Have a great day in beautiful Canada!
Celeste 04/24/04 09:24 am Oh and Mickey, I am the worst with giving directions, as soon as I get my husband's "ear" I'll have him "dictate to me" directions to write to you.

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