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Thread subject: Inquiring minds want to know...
Name Date Message
Shelley 04/29/04 06:54 pm Just wondering about something. I know the observation data board is strictly for osprey observations --hard data -- for obvious reasons. This board, on the other hand, seems much more informal and you guys all seem like so much fun. Celeste's reply on the *weather report* thread got me wondering about this. Being one of the new kids on the block, so to speak, I'd love to get to know you all a bit better. How would you feel about a little off-topic, *getting-to-know-you* type post. I'd be willing to tell you a bit about me, if you'd be willing to tell a bit about you (Matt, I already know you have *multiple species personalities*, lol!!)

Nothing too personal, of course...;-)

Anyone? I'll go first if that will help...
Shelley 04/29/04 07:37 pm Well, Shelley what is it that you want to know about us Long Island osprey watchers?
Celeste 04/29/04 07:39 pm Well Shelley, you just found out something about me, I quickly do things without checking sometimes. The above post is in response to Shelley was from Celeste, not from Shelley to herself!
Shelley 04/29/04 08:00 pm LOL! Oh, just things like what you do when you're not watching ospreys, places you've travelled, hobbies, that sort of thing.

I'm a teacher of physically and developmentally disabled children at a very special and wonderful school in Toronto. I've been at this school for 14 years and wouldn't want to be working anywhere else. I have always loved animals and couldn't imagine my life without them but have only become an avid birder in the last couple of years. Through that interest, I found a wildlife watching message board about 2 years ago and met a terrific group of people there, 4 of whom I've had the pleasure of meeting so far. I actually co-hosted that site for awhile, too. It was one of them who pointed me in the direction of this cam site, and in fact, she's a neighbour of yours, living on Long Island (north fork or south fork, I can't remember! Oops!)

I do love to read and be outdoors and hike when I can and I am not ashamed to admit that even though I'm a teacher, I am counting down the days till summer vacation!!!! Can't wait! :-D
Celeste 04/30/04 06:09 am My family is involved in education one way or another. I am a coordinator in a very large religious ed. program, and yes, I too am counting the days till summer vacation! I have always loved birds and was aware of osprey when my husband and I would travel to Canada for our summer vacations. (My husband has been fishing on the lakes in Ontario since he is 7) There are several osprey nests on the tops of dead trees along the Rideau Lakes. I would look at them, but never like I did last summer when this site encouraged a keen interest for me. It was through a series that our Long Island newspaper, (Newsday), started called "Our Natural World", which brought me to the attention of this live cam of osprey. There was something about observing that struck me, and I have wanted to learn more and more about this bird ever since. I am also trying to learn more and more about the every day birds that make their appearances on Long Island by sight and sound. In our spare time, my husband and I like to frequent national wildlife preserves.
Nancy L 04/30/04 09:43 am I live in Oakdale, L.I. I've been retired for 2 years now, after working at a greenhouse complex for 14 years and a warehouse for 8. I spend my free time walking in local parks and preserves. I found out about this site from my husband, who is the Puleston's pool man,
Cecilia 04/30/04 10:46 am My husband and I live on Long Island too. He's a Hopital Administrator and I'm an Architectural Designer with a practice that specializes in restoration and historic architecture. I've been watching osprey nests out on the eastern end of Long Island for about 15 years. Since we have a light weight canoe we get to see so much wildlife from the water. I don't remember when I changed from being just "someone interested in birds" to being a "birder", but now I have a dozen identification guides and too many bird books to count, plus I actually have a "life list":-) I'm fascinated by all kinds of animals, insects and plants and love being on the water or hiking.
Cecilia 04/30/04 10:49 am Well, what is a Hopital Administrator you might ask? :-) about Hospital! I'm such a terrible would all laugh if you could see me hunting and pecking.
Mickey 04/30/04 07:02 pm Hello My name is Mickey and Im a Osprey Addict.
Im 46 and broke my neck in a diving accident when I was 23 over on Fire Island. I live by myself with a taxi for flees black lab :)
I used to teach skiing professionally at Hunter Mtn and trimmed trees from the power wires for then Lilco. Now Im unemployed. I started watching these Ospreys last year and because Im a complete nut, have become addicted to this nest. I fly stunt kites and love the beach as what I consider my hobbies. Im a huge Springsteen fan and will go almost anywhere to see him+the band play. For us Springsteen fans, the last 2 years were what heaven must be like. I really am looking forward to meeting some of you this summer !
FAE 04/30/04 07:42 pm I live in Baldwin and work at the "Wild Bird Feed Barn" formerly "Farmingdale Feed and Seed". I talk "Birds" all day with the customers. My new boss of 2yrs is selling the store and Central Long Island will lose the only store of its kind that caters to the beautiful Wild Birds. The only other stores are in Sayville and Stonybrook. Too far out for most L.I.'ers Anyone interested in a new business !! ??? It is quite a cute store - Looks like a country store. Come in and see!!! Or call me ~ FAE are my initials ~ my name is Flo. Anyone interested should act pretty fast - He wants to close it at the end of May. Meanwhile, I have been talking Osprey and Websites since last year. I give everyone the website and links to other cam's. I think it is wonderful that we have this opportunity. We are at 621 Fulton St (Rt 109) 516-694-2180. This is not an advertisement for the store. It is a plea for someone to save it!!!!!
Shelley 04/30/04 08:30 pm Thanks, you all!! So nice to *meet* you! :-)

I wish I lived in your neck of the woods so I might have more of a chance to meet you one day. Pout! But you never know...I hope you don't think I'm usually this nosy, but it's just always interestingto me to know where people are coming from, what they do and how they arrived at this place where we've all converged. Thanks for indulging (and humouring) me...;-)

Celeste 04/30/04 08:51 pm I think I speak for all that it was wonderful for all of us to get to know one another a little more. And, you know, this is a "small world", so you never know where our paths will take us! Goodnight Shelley!
Jack 04/30/04 09:32 pm I may as well add my biography to the list. I'm a retired deputy sheriff...thirty uears with the county. My true love is the outdoors...especially birds. I have a degree in wildlife biology and had hoped to work in the field. But the best laid know. As I had mentioned in an earlier post I am possibly going to be participating in a Spring bird count at Wertheim on a volunteer basis and I am also hoping to volunteer at The Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead. I enjoy fishing and canoing and just hiking thru some of the beautiful wildlife habitat we still have left here on The Island. Hope to meet some of you some day and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the osprey cam with you all.
Lori 04/30/04 11:43 pm I printed a whole biography, than the thing wouldn't connect, now it's gone & I will try to remember! I was actually born and raised here almost 49 years ago. I'm a professional retailer- I sell curtains in Patchogue.(no it's not my store) I have 2 beautiful daughters both living on their own and not married yet. My husband and I are out and about as often as we can be. I think if I knew than, what I know now I'm sure I would be a Park Ranger. I too have the bird book in the kitchen- feeders in the backyard; a squirrel feeder too. My husband says the animals eat better than he does! I've always admired osprey and when I read about this cam and that it would be practically in my back yard I was in 7th heaven. What Celeste saw at Wertheim I get to see almost daily on my way to and from work. I enjoy our "conversation" and look foward to maybe someday seeing you all. Thanks
Shelley 05/01/04 06:40 am C'mon, Matt, get out of that egg and jump in here!! Hey, I'll add some more wacky details about me, maybe that'll lure him out ;-)

I've lived in 4 countries (Canada, of course, my home and native land, Israel, Germany, and the USA), I've climbed a glacier in Norway, I have a *PEZ* collection (true confessions, here!), I LOVE baseball, I'm left-handed and about 6 years ago, I developed a sudden *anxiety* about air travel and haven't been on a plane since, though I fully expect that to end one of these days soon! I love Rocky & Bullwinkle, Calvin & Hobbes and The Twilight Zone. I sing in the car and I sometimes eat cereal for supper. I currently share my home with 2 sweet but sometimes manic cats and my classroom with 2 fat guinea pigs. I am a chocoholic and have no plans to be *cured*.

I'd better stop here before the men in white coats pull up outside...;-)
Matt 05/01/04 06:01 pm I was born and raised on Long Island. Been active in the outdoors all my life, fishing, hiking. Have hiked in many areas in the U.S. and been to Canada. Found this site from Newsday's "Our Natural World" early last year.

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