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Thread subject: Dennis or Betty?
Name Date Message
Joe 04/30/04 07:20 am I am somewhat of a newbie, and I cannot tell whether I am looking at Dennis or at Betty. Are there distinguishable markings?
Jack 04/30/04 08:18 am Joe, It took me a while and when the wind is blowing hard I still have trouble. But if you looks closely at the dark patterns on the tops of their will see that Betty has a more uniform somewhat triangular spot. Dennis' spot on the other hand is more of a mish-mosh...somewhat broken up. Although the female of the species is said to be noticeably larger than the male...I have not found that to be an easy way to distinguish between the two. If you observe the nest anytime well after dark...chances are you will be looking at that is one way to at least be sure who it is so you can look for your own distinguishing markings. Hope I've been of some help and welcome to our group. By the way ...Betty just settled on the four eggs at about 8:10 AM..relieving Dennis
Jack 04/30/04 08:21 am ..............I think....??
Nancy L 04/30/04 09:48 am Also, besides the triangular spot on Betty's head, it looks like a small dot of color just to the front of the triangle. From the front, I detect a slight "V" in the pattern on her "forehead." Hope this helps.
Mickey 04/30/04 10:11 am Hi Joe.Adding to what Jack and Nancy both said if a Parent bring a headless fish to the nest and your watching chances are its Dennis. While brooding on the eggs Dennis just fuses more and doesnt seem "comfortable". Ive also noticed when Betty broods her wing feathers are seperated. Lastly and this will be the easiest,the closer we get to May 14th(my prediction when the 1st egg will hatch) Betty will brood 99% of the time.
RonS 04/30/04 11:09 am Hi Joe, To add to the discussion, I gave up trying to use size since whoever is closer to the camera appears to be larger. An additional marking, if the bird is in the right position is that Betty has a more pronounced "necklace" of spots on her breast, Dennis tends to be whiter. Hope this helps. RonS
Marie 04/30/04 01:19 pm Hi all... I am heading off to England today in a Silver bird this afternoon and won't really have access much to a computer so will miss this forum whilst I am overseas for the next three weeks. At least I will do a whole lot of reading on these wonderful creatures if I can't get to a computer much. The exciting thing will be, when I get back to Victoria BC, to see on screen new baby ospreys in this nest and that will be great. Good luck to you all and have fun in the sun.
Shelley 04/30/04 04:21 pm Have a wonderful trip, Marie!!
Celeste 04/30/04 04:26 pm Bon Voyage!
Mickey 04/30/04 05:10 pm have a fantastic trip Marie !
Lori 04/30/04 11:18 pm Safe and Happy journey Marie

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