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Thread subject: re posting problems
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/01/04 08:19 am As a few have mentioned, I too have had a few *issues* posting. But I think I've found a solution. For one thing, I highlight and copy my message before attempting to post, just in case it doesn't work, then at least I don't lose the message. When I hit *post*, the message I get sometimes is *not connected to DB* or *could not conect to DB*. When that happens, I hit the *back* button on my browser and then hit *post* again. For some reason, this has worked for me almost every time. I have no idea why.

Just a thought
Jack 05/01/04 08:31 am I'm not sure who monitors the Kent Eagles the most...Is it you Shelly? I was just wondering if it is normal for the chicks to be unattended at this hour? 5:30 their time. It may be that the adult(s) is(are) just out of camera range
Shelley 05/01/04 08:39 am 5:35 and Star (mom) just flew in!! Whew! Sometimes, they do seem to be unattended but I don't believe that they really are. As you said, often one or the other is just out of our view. Spirit (dad) used to perch on that branch just above the nest, the one that blew right down on the nest in that windstorm the other day (with him still ON IT!!). I actually have the video of it if anyone wants to see it. I had to register (entered fake info, heehee; I hate when sites demand personal info that is irrelevant for them!) on that news station's site even to be able to view it but once in, I emailed the link to myself. It didn't work on my yahoo addy but it DID, on the email addy attached to my browser. If anyone is interested, I can email it to you. It is truly amazing to see how Star lives up to her name to protect and save her babies!!
Jack 05/01/04 08:45 am Shelly I would love to see that video. I did see the adult return....and how do you sex those two....stictly on size? Let me know....thanks
My e-mail addy is
Shelley 05/01/04 09:11 am Telling the two eagles apart isn't always easy but Star does have a distinctive inverted *V* shape where the white feathers on her neck separate and meet the black on her chest. It is just to the right (facing us) of centre but the angle has to be just right to see it. Anyhow, it's probably easier to know that she is the one who is there on the nest most of the time. Spirit was very new and inexperienced last year and we beleive that that fact was at least partly why the nest failed last season (only one of the 2 eggs hatched and that chick died within 2 days). But this year, he has grown up and has proven himself worthy and has contributed much to the success we are seeing so far. HE brings dinner, he sits on the nest and he is just more visible and present. For this, we are all grateful!!
Celeste 05/01/04 09:12 am having problems with connecting and posting observations and messages also. I do hit back as Shelley does several times before it gets posted. Oh and Shelley, if its possible, I would love to see that video Thanks!
FAE/Flo 05/01/04 09:18 am Shelley ~ I would love to see the video also!! Thanks for sharing
FAE 05/01/04 09:24 am Shelley - I thought the email add. would come thru to here but it didn't. It is Thanks again.
Shelley 05/01/04 09:36 am I emailed the video to Jack but when I went to watch it again myself, it looked erratic. Just on the off-chance that I overlooked something, I checked at my yahoo addy and wouldn't you know it (if you knew how computer-challenged I am, this won't surprise you, lol), it actually worked just fine from there. I think I wasn't clicking the right link! Sheesh! So, I'll email it to you from my yahoo addy. Jack, I'll resend it to you from my yahoo, too, just in case.
Kathy 05/01/04 09:56 am Shelley please add me to the list of e-mailing the video.
Thank you.
Shelley 05/01/04 10:19 am On its way! Please let me know if it works!
Celeste 05/01/04 03:31 pm Just got home from work and I watched the video, Thanks Shelley!!!!!
Lori 05/01/04 09:44 pm Hi Shelly this is the 1st I got to read the computer. Could you add me to the "to do" list too? My addy is: Thanks :-)
Happy Weekend!!

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