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Thread subject: Osprey photos
Name Date Message
Matt 05/01/04 10:52 pm I took some photos of Ospreys last weekend and today. You can see them at

There are only 8 up there now. I took more and will post them on that site later.
Kathy 05/01/04 11:08 pm Very nice pictures Matt. Did you take them at the Wertheim or another location?
Matt 05/01/04 11:16 pm Thanks Kathy. These were taken at Bayard.
Lori 05/01/04 11:19 pm Hey Matt! How come there are no pictures from in the nest?!? Did you take these at Wertheim? Excellent shots you can post more. :-)
Matt 05/01/04 11:21 pm Hahaha Lori. No, these were taken at Bayard Cutting Arboretum. They were very kind to fly low for me.
Kathy 05/01/04 11:22 pm Now I will have to visit two locations, Wertheim and the Bayard.
Celeste 05/02/04 05:51 am Enjoyed the photos, thanks!!! Did you walk to the nest from where you park the car near the old house, (the one that has the osprey nest on the chimney?), or are you able to park in the vicinity of this nest?
RonS 05/02/04 07:18 am Matt, thanks for sharing some great photos. A couple of them really show the "crooked wing" of the Osprey in flight.
Shelley 05/02/04 07:40 am Thanks for these, Matt. In that last shot, was the bird holding a stick or a fish, I couldn't tell. I can only imagine how awesome they must be up close, live and in person!!
Matt 05/02/04 09:28 am Celeste, I walked to the nest on the chimney. It is a deep nest and tough to get any picture of an Osprey in it or landing on it. For some reason that nest wasn't that active the past two weekends. But there are Osprey in there. I heard one yesterday and saw one just fly in there. But I didn't have my camera ready.

Shelley, on that site you are able to click on the picture to make it bigger. Under that picture is a caption. Maybe the caption isn't showing up? Let me know. Anyway, the last picture he is carrying a big stick. In the second to last picture he is carrying a brook trout. Good thing I had a good pair of binoculars with me.
Shelley 05/02/04 09:49 am Oops! Call me lazy, I guess I didn't scroll down far enough to see the caption! Thanks for the heads-up
Mickey 05/02/04 10:42 am Nice shots Matt :)
Nancy L 05/02/04 04:37 pm Were most of these taken at the nest near the 2 benches at the far side of the "meadow?
Matt 05/02/04 06:38 pm Nancy, I don't recall if there were benches nearby. But its right near the path that is along the water.

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