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Thread subject: A Little of Everything
Name Date Message
Jack 05/02/04 10:03 am Rather than post several follow -ups I'm going to include a few things in this one message. First of all..the close up is great...although will miss seeing the foxes. It should be a treat when the eggs begin to hatch.....May 14th is my prediction on the first. Second..Shelly...I never recieved your e-mail with the video...don't know what happened. And Matt..try as I might I have not been able to access your photos...copied the site accurately and it just wouldn't come up. I'll gve it another shot...these computers can be quirky sometimes
Jack 05/02/04 10:06 am Oh...One more thing....I'm thinking our mysterious black object on the left could be the bottom piece that you sometimes find on a two litre soda bottle
Matt 05/02/04 10:18 am Jack, you can also try typing into the address bar and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and on the right hand side you will see a box with the label "Find a Member". Type outdoors34 in there and click Go. Then another page will load up with the text Results for "outdoors34". Below that is a link named outdoors34. Click on that and it should take you to my albums. Click on the Osprey title and from there you can click on each picture to make it bigger.
Shelley 05/02/04 10:19 am Jack, I could try to send it to you again but let me copy here something I posted on the eagle message board this morning, since I was emailing a bunch of folks there, too, to give them the link (many also had trouble accessing it). This is just so typical of me, lol! Let me know if it works for you. If not, I'm happy to email it again:


I frequent another message board called Animal Life, over at another network. I always keep them up to date about the goings-on here and last week, delivered my play-by-play on all the excitement here (hope no one minds that I copied a post or two from here!) Anyhow, I posted the article and link to the video and then proceeded to inform everyone there (as I did here) that I'd be happy to email it to anyone interested. Well, computer-challenged as I am, it took me till today to actually try that link I posted on the board and wouldn't you know it, it worked!!! DUH! If you have a pop-up stopper enabled on your computer, you'll just have to hold down the CONTROL key (far left of the space bar, on the bottom of your keyboard) while clicking on the link for it to work. And voila! you're in, no registering.

Here's the link to my board, if you want to try your luck there (it's in my April 28 post):
Jack 05/02/04 10:32 am Thanks a lot Matt. After much frustration I finally got to see your very nice shots. The only way I was able to get there was by doing a search ithe Community Webshots as the sunject. Trying to go directly to the website would just not work for some reason
And Shelly...I'm going to try yours later. Too much rejection by this computer in one morning. Thanks again for your help

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