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Thread subject: (temporary, I hope) memory lapse.....and a request...
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/03/04 07:03 pm Jack, I know you said you didn't get my first attempt to email the video link yesterday. Did I send it out a second time?? DUH! It was only yesterday not five weeks ago, for crying out loud, you'd think I'd remember! Please let me know so in case I didn't, I'll do it now.

Also, Cecilia, I wanted to ask you something. I don't have your email so I will ask it here. Your post about Wertheim today was so beautiful I was wondering if I could copy it onto my Animal Life message board, giving you full credit, of course. The gals there LOVE this kind of thing and often post about their own nature trips and outings. One gal lives in Alaska and has amazing tales to tell, of moose who *mow her lawn*, among other adventures ;-). I have been talking alot about *our* ospreys and Karen, the one who lives near you guys on Long Island, is also part of our group on that board. Of course, if you'd like to stop by and post it yourself, we'd be delighted to welcome you (and ANY of you here!!). But I know them well and I can promise you, they will just love this post of yours. I won't do anything, of course, until and unless I get your ok.

The link to that board, by the way, is:

Animal Life Forum:;f=197

Cecilia 05/03/04 08:50 pm Shelley,

You are welcome to quote or use anything that I said about our Wertheim trip...I'm flattered that you would want to! I'll check out that link but, if I find anything else that captures my interest I may have to give up my practice and just watch animals full time :-) Cheers, Cecilia
Shelley 05/03/04 09:07 pm Thank you, Cecilia!!!!
I can't wait to win the big lottery, so I can pay off my debts, quit my job and move to the *country* and do just that!!!!!

Of course, it might help if I actually bought tickets.......
Jack 05/03/04 09:19 pm Shelly.....I never did get the video. But don't worry about it
Shelley 05/03/04 09:31 pm Do I look worried? Heehee. It's on its way.....let me know if it works this time!
Jack 05/04/04 08:44 pm Shelly...I don't know if it worked because I never received either e-mail...sorry. In case there was an error in it my e-mail address is
Shelley 05/04/04 08:59 pm Well, I just tried to send it now, for the third time!!! Do I hear strains of the theme from *The Twilight Zone*???

I wonder why it isn't going through; it isn't bouncing back to my email. Ain't cyberspace a wonder.....

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