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Thread subject: First Chick Pool?
Name Date Message
Mickey 05/04/04 04:04 pm So what do you think ? Anyone who plays can chip in $5. Only one pick.You pick the day and time that the first chick fully hatches. We can have a cut off day of May 10th 10pm edt. Then we can do one of 2 things:
Each player mails the winner their $5
Mail me the $5 and I can then send it to the winner.

Of course the winner can just donate the winnings to DPOF :)

what do you think? Or am I off base.

RonS 05/04/04 04:47 pm I'm in.
Dave S 05/04/04 08:02 pm Hi All,

We have to be careful of pools and any other form of gaming for money. Please, if you want to have pools, do them by e-mail. Use this message board to exchange e-mail addresses, but please refrain from the gaming thing. Don't want to be the online police, but don't want them on us either. Thanks, you all have been so enthusiastic, keep watching!
Mickey 05/04/04 08:47 pm Please pull this thread Dave? I dont want to get anyone mad at me this year :)
Lori 05/04/04 10:26 pm BAD---BAD-- BAD Mickey!!! 50 lashes with a wet noodle...... an al-dente one at that! :-) LOL!!!
Celeste 05/05/04 05:24 am Mickey, we could never be mad at you......your intentions were honorable. Besides, if we did get mad at you we would never hear from Freedom and Liberty again!
Shelley 05/05/04 05:38 am Why don't we just do it, without the money. Just lay our guesses on the table (besides, I doubt you'd take my *foreign currency*, heehee). You can make a chart and post it once the hatchings begin, so we can all see who comes in first, second, etc. Maybe the *winner* could come up with a name for that chick. Give us a deadline to post our guesses. That would be ok, wouldn't it, Dave?
RonS 05/05/04 08:30 am Whoops. Thanks, Dave, for saving us from our enthusiasm!
In line with Shelly's just-for-fun suggestion, I'll go with 5/15, at 5:15 AM EDT for starters. Mickey, are you the "Keeper Of The Chart"? RonS
Cecilia 05/05/04 09:22 am I'm guessing 5/12 @ 4:00 PM :-)
Kathy 05/05/04 10:14 am Mickey, could never be mad at you.
How about 5/14 at 6:00AM
Mickey 05/05/04 11:23 am OK...just for fun :p

my guess is May 14th @ 9:16am :) :)
Get Smarty 05/05/04 01:01 pm May 14th @ 9:15am
Jack 05/05/04 03:01 pm Well...Since you started it,Mickey....and of course.....just for fun. Egg#1 will hatch on May 13th at 11:04 AM
Ramrod 05/05/04 03:43 pm May 14th @ 9:17 am
Tim 05/05/04 03:59 pm Tues. May 11th
Celeste 05/05/04 06:32 pm Monday, May 16 11am
Shelley 05/05/04 06:41 pm I'm going with May 15 (the birthday of my late, great cats!) at, oh, let's say 8 a.m.

Is this the time the first crack shows or when the first chick is completely out of the shell?
Mickey 05/05/04 07:13 pm completely out of the egg :)
Lori 05/05/04 07:48 pm May 13th @ 9:44 am Let the games begin!!!! :-)
Lori 05/05/04 07:48 pm May 13th @ 9:44 am Let the games begin!!!! :-)
Nancy L 05/06/04 12:10 pm I'm guessing: 5/13 @ 8:45 A.M.
Tim 05/06/04 10:29 pm 5/11/2004 @ 2:20pm.edt.

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