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Thread subject: Egg question
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/09/04 08:16 am I should probably know this but I don't so I'll ask anyhow. Do the eggs, themselves, grow? Or do they remain the same size from the day they are laid? I understand that the chicks inside grow, obviously, but I guess what I'm asking is if the shell remains constant or if it expands to allow for the growth at all? It just seems to me that, as I watched Betty poking around and beneath them this morning, the 4 eggs look a bit bigger than I remember them being. I don't think it is simply a case of the zoomed in-view but I suppose it could be. Maybe it's the light at this early hour, and their position in the nest, the angle, whatever. Or maybe I'm delusional.....
Jack 05/09/04 08:19 am Not an expert Shelly, but I'm pretty sure the eggs remain the same size as when they were laid
Celeste 05/09/04 02:51 pm This is Osprey 101 source said that osprey eggs are the size of hen eggs!!!!They start that way and end that way.
Dave S 05/09/04 08:00 pm Bird eggs are much the same regardless of the species. Chicken eggs, Robin eggs and Osprey eggs harden shortly after being laid and cannot expand without breaking. The chick develops and as it does, it replaces the liquid (food supply) and fills the shell. At hatching time, the bird will peck a hole in the shell and crack its way out. It will emerge wet but there will be little yolk or egg white left. Imagine growing up in a rigid container! Humans have the advantage of the womb expanding, imagine the claustrophobia in an egg.....
Shelley 05/09/04 08:39 pm Thanks, all. I guess it was just the perception or the light or something that made it seem to me that they appeared larger. Of course it makes perfect sense that the shell would be solid.

No wonder Matt is itching to get out of the egg! ;-)
Matt 05/09/04 08:59 pm Itching? No. If you see the white egg moving around it is because I am trying to find my hammer and chisel that I packed to get out of this thing when the time comes. I swear I packed it. Let's see, I had them out on the table next to my backpack. I remember getting my keys and then I picked up the backpack. Did I put them in there? Hmmmm...

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