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Thread subject: Another technical question
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/09/04 10:01 am I had four windows open at the same time on my screen and noticed that the osprey pic was quite blurry and almost still-action, as opposed to the streaming video. I closed one of the other windows and the pic at the nest improved. Was this just a coincidence or can the quality of the video I see be affected if I have too many windows open at once? I am grasping at straws here but am basically clueless when it comes to computer technology. Any ideas?
Lori 05/09/04 11:09 am Shelly I think the computer can only do so many things at once. Mine freezes if I have 3 windows open and one of them is the cam.
Celeste 05/09/04 02:50 pm Same here!
Matt 05/09/04 03:09 pm Shelley, I have seen this too. RealPlayer is affected by other things being open, specifically if you have a web browser opened and viewing a page with pictures. When this happens to me, I just stop RealPlayer and restart it again. And it comes back clear. It also depends on how fast the computer is and what other windows you have opened.
Tim 05/09/04 03:34 pm It's a matter of how much memory your PC or Mac has.
Mickey 05/09/04 03:36 pm Please dont be offended by my deffinition:
Im not sure what kind of connections any of you have so I will try the 3 basic.

Dialup will be the thickness of a pencil.
DSL will be twice the thickness.
Cable will be 5x as thick.
When you do something like visit a web page, info is exchanged. Picture alittle water as the info and its flowing through your pencil. The more info (more stuff you do on the net)you try to cram through the pencil the slower it travels to the other end(you). So if you have more browsers open and the web cam the slower the water (info) gets to you. Grandma used to say your forcing 5 pounds of _ _ _ _ into a 2 pound bag. If your pc is relatively new and you have alot of ram opening programs that are on your pc shouldnt effect the web cam. This is just limited to things your doing on the internet. The only other variable is how many people are watching the cam along with you. Then the people with dialups are effected 1st, then DSL, then cable. After re-reading this I see I failed at trying to give a simple explaination. :p
Shelley 05/09/04 03:42 pm Actually, Mickey, this DOES clarify it for me. Thanks! I'm a visual learner so maybe it was your Grandma's *bag* that did the trick for me ;-), lol!
Actually, I do have a fairly new Dell and I have DSL (I think that's what it's called. No more dial-up but it's through my phone company, not my cable company. That's DSL, right?)
Mickey 05/09/04 05:05 pm yes thats DSL. :)

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