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Thread subject: More Osprey photos
Name Date Message
Matt 05/09/04 05:39 pm I took some more yesterday and today and uploaded them. I still have some more I want to put up, so they will come later. You can view them at
Celeste 05/09/04 06:59 pm Excellent photos Matt, thanks for sharing!
Kathy 05/09/04 07:26 pm Nice pictures Matt. I like picture 9a of the Osprey sitting in the tree.
Shelley 05/09/04 07:35 pm It must be awesome, watching them up close! Number 4 shows such a huge wingspan!! The newer ones look like you had great weather for this, too! Thanks!
Shelley 05/09/04 07:38 pm I captured a very cool shot of the male eagle, Spirit, and the 2 eaglets over at the Kent site yesterday. I used their manual cam to do it (and amazed myself that I actually DID it!, lol) but I have no idea how to post it. If I emailed it to one of you, is it possible for you to post it on one of your photo sites (or is this board strictly for ospreys?) Just curious...
RonS 05/09/04 08:02 pm More great photos, thanks. Matt, what camera are you using?
Cecilia 05/09/04 08:13 pm I loved #10...the osprey sitting in the just leafing out tree! Great job Matt...thankd for posting all of these!
Matt 05/09/04 08:54 pm Ron, I'm using a Canon A70 digital camera. Not a professional camera, but pretty much on par with regular film 35mm cameras. From my experience with it, it outperforms a lot of 35mm. I am very pleased with this camera and feel that I have not wasted a single penny on it. The optics on it are terrific. The major thing that sold me on a digital is no film worries. I can take 300 shots and if I mess up on 290 of them and only 10 come out great, then I haven't wasted anything at all.

I found that photographing Ospreys is tough when dealing with the sun. Due to their brown color and white underside, I have found that if you have sun but a thin layer of clouds that create an illuminating effect (kind of like lighting up a room as the light bounces off the thin clouds), then it brings out their underside very well, just like in picture #4. Full 100% sun, especially when it is overhead, plays havoc with my light meter. Your best bet then is to get under a tree or have someone hold something above the camera to block the sun from hitting the camera.

I was fighting the clouds today. #4 was from a few weeks ago when the weather cooperated with me. #7 is a prime example of 100% cloudiness. The Osprey becomes a black silhouette.

One major thing that I do not do with my pictures is touch them up in any way. That is I do not darken them, lighten them, change color or anything. What you see is exactly what I saw and what the camera took. I like the more natural look of what I saw at that moment.

Shelley, if you want to give it a try, go to and register. It is free, and there is a button to click on to add your photos. They take you through step by step. If you have too much trouble, then let me know and i'll post it for you.
Shelley 05/09/04 09:45 pm Thanks, Matt. I tried to upload yesterday to the eaglecam photo albums by following (supposedly) simple instructions and I didn't succeed. One of the gals there let me email it to her and she did it for me. Could I be lazy here and try to avoid the hassle and just send it to you to do? I am truly computer illiterate when it comes to pretty much anything beyond the scope of simple email and cam-viewing! DUH!

Shelley, old dog, struggling with new tricks...
Matt 05/09/04 10:03 pm Shelley, send it to
Shelley 05/09/04 11:19 pm It's on its way! Thanks, Matt

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