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Thread subject: More photos
Name Date Message
Matt 05/10/04 07:09 pm Shelley, I posted your photo on the site below.

I added some more Osprey photos and a few other non-Osprey photos too. I am absolved of all wrongdoing from the Osprey police because my site has Osprey photos there. It is just by sheer coincidence that other photos happen to magically appear in there too. I swear all I was uploading were photos of Ospreys. Not sure how they turned into eagles, deer, etc....
celeste 05/10/04 08:21 pm once again Matt great photos Thanks! Oh, and Shelley, I enjoyed the eagle also. However, you know that eagles steal the fish from the osprey after they have done all the work of catching it!
Lori 05/10/04 09:20 pm Thanks again Matt for the pictures! Is it hard to use a digital camera or download the pictures onto the PC? A digital camera is on my maybe I want one list but not sure yet. I do like the idea of not wasting film. With regular film; if maybe 3 pictures out of the roll are worth saving --that's alot!
Matt 05/10/04 10:05 pm Digital cameras are easy to use in my opinion. That is if you get the point and shoot type. And its fairly simple to download the images from the computer. In my case, I use Canon's software that came with the camera. So when I plug it into my system and turn it on, their software immediately detects this and starts up automatically. Then I choose which pictures to download. Some people get frustrated with them, but remember, you have to get used to how it works just like a regular film camera.

One problem I see with people using digital cameras is they look through the LCD. I find that the images come out a bit shaky when doing that as you're holding it away from you. When you hold it to your face and look through the viewfinder you're giving the camera more balance, thus you're taking the shake out of it. Plus it also saves on battery life as the LCD on these things eat up the batteries quick. Most of them you can shut off the LCD.

If you're interested in buying, do not fall for the digital zoom selling point. Optical zoom is what you want. And always remember, even though its a digital camera, the optics are very important, just like a film camera.

If you have a friend who has one, try using theirs and see how you like using it. I have only used one digital camera and that is my Canon. Of course I do recommend the A70 but i'm biased. :) However, Canon has a good reputation in the U.S.

For some information on the digital cameras, check out
Shelley 05/10/04 10:19 pm Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :-)
Shelley 05/10/04 10:19 pm PS - I love those geese, too!!! So cute!
Lori 05/10/04 10:42 pm Many Thankyous Matt! :-)))
Cecilia 05/11/04 10:41 am Thanks Matt. I have a Canon too. I love it but I need to spend more time with the manual to try and figure out how to takes pictures of moving objects. Have you broken that code?
RonS 05/11/04 02:14 pm Thanks again, Matt.
To all who are looking at digital cameras, in addition to Matt's comment about optical zoom, there is another caution to keep in mind. When a digial camera specifies a zoom of a certain power, such as 10 times, it will not really bring the subject 10 times closer that it appears in real life. Digital camers start at a telephoto setting, so that a 10 times zoom will enhance the subject about 7.5 times. The ratio is nat absolute, but it does explain why the zoom on a digital camera may not "feel" right. It's nat a fatal flaw, but it is something to keep in mind.
Matt 05/11/04 07:18 pm Cecilia, I have gotten pictures of moving objects. You can do this two ways, either set the camera to action mode, anticipate exactly where and when the subject will cross your lens or with any mode, follow the moving object and snap the picture as you're moving. Both ways take some getting used to and as much as I have done it, I still get some blurry pictures every now and then. Don't get discouraged, just take extra pictures even if you don't need to. I do and there are some great shots that I get but don't realize it at the time.

Ron, you are quite right. Another thing to add about digital zoom. If you want a good picture using digital zoom, you have to have the following factors. Pure 100% sun, nothing less. No wind at all. And above all else, you and the camera must be steady. The more you zoom in on the subject, the more camera shake you get.

Honestly, the digital zoom is not a must have. Your optical zoom (which is your telephoto) will do just fine. Mine has a 3x optical zoom and I am completely happy with that.

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