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Thread subject: RealPlayer Revisited
Name Date Message
Tiger 06/17/05 06:25 pm I have suddenly had a large increase in my computing power and I have been looking at new ways at doing things.

Recently we had a discussion about how we navigated the site and there was a variety of approaches. I have now realised that there is much more to RealPlayer than I have been utilizing up to now.

I have discovered that one can use RealPlayer as a sort of alternative to Internet Explorer as a browser. This is particularly useful if one wants to quickly check round a number of webcams. Indeed if your system has enough resources it might be worthwhile running RealPlayer as a standalone browser just to keep tabs on the webcams while one uses a normal browser to get on with observations etc.

I also get the impression that you can use RealPlayer to save video clips but I have not verified that yet.

I know this may be old hat to some of you but it is new to me since I have been struggling along on 64MB of RAM until very recently.

Now with a sixteen fold increase in RAM life seems very different. :)

Celeste 06/17/05 08:37 pm I am "a work in progress" when it comes to computers, but out of curiousity, how did you use Real Player as a browser?
Tiger 06/17/05 08:49 pm Well if you launch RealPlayer just by itself (I use a shortcut on the desktop) you see that it remembers the last seven or so cams you visited. If you click on one of those it will take you back to the cam you want.

There is also a favourites menu where I presume you can store the address of those cams that you want to call up.

Thus one can get to the cam one wants much quicker especially if you were only looking at one.

Celeste 06/18/05 05:11 am Never noticed that before! Thanks.....
Tiger 06/18/05 06:00 am Ah Celeste you learn something new every day.
Pam 06/18/05 06:51 am Another easy, useful, thing is that if you want to have a second look at something that happened in the last 30 mins or so - just slide the button back on the slider and do a search for the sequence. You can then pause it anywhere to have a good look and also take a screengrab from the still pic. Then just slide the button back to the end again and continue streaming viewing. I have found this very useful when taking pics of the whales. Favourites works vey well Tiger.
Tiger 06/18/05 07:36 am Aw Pam you are a real pro at these things! :)
Pam 06/18/05 08:08 am LOL Tiger, I'm just a persistent old .....
Where is breakfast this morning ? Is Dennis having a Saturday morning lie-in ?
Tiger 06/18/05 08:53 am Actually persistence is the most important thng in learning......amazing how many people do not know that!

Guess Dennis is getting a bit tired by now.
Marie 06/18/05 11:42 am Poor Betty...her voice is getting TIRED from all that calling. Where is Dennis?

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