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Thread subject: Fish Heads
Name Date Message
Anne 06/19/05 05:45 am Dennis usually brings in headless fish. Does he remove the head of a fish for a reason? Does he eat it?
Tiger 06/19/05 06:39 am Yes he eats the head. THere are two schools of thought as to why he does this.

1. The head is the best part of a fish to an osprey and thus he enjoy that just because he can [rather like Bill Clinton :) :) ]

2. The other theory is that by eating the head he ensures that the fish is dead and thus cannot hurt the chicks.

Anne 06/19/05 08:47 am Yes, that makes sense, but you wouldent think there was any meat on a fish head would you?

I know from the Loch Garten observations that the female starts calling when she sees the male returning from a fishing trip, and also when she watches him eating on his favorite perch. So I just wonder if all the fuss yesterday was because Betty could see Dennis with a fish.

I also wonder if a headless fish will make it easier for the hen to start feeding the chicks straight away.
Melanie 06/19/05 09:18 am I was told the brain, since mostly cholesterol, is a very nutritious part. Kind of give a whole new meaning to the phrase "brain food", don't it?
Anne 06/19/05 09:49 am It certainly does.
Mickey 06/19/05 10:00 am the 3rd train of thought is he removes the head so Betty can feed the chicks the softest meat which by all accounts doesnt need to be chewed or choughed back up like undigested bone. She can also feed the chicks faster without the head.
Something tells me that if the fish head had the most nutrition and was the best part we would see it on sale instead of the main body.
Tiger 06/19/05 10:16 am But Mickey you are looking through human osprey may see things entirely differently :)

Anne 06/19/05 10:59 am Some countries in Asia do regard the head as the best part, come to think of it. Even in Europe, fish heads are always used in fish stew or stock, as I am sure it is in the US.
Mickey 06/19/05 01:51 pm very true Tiger :)
Marie 06/20/05 12:02 pm Was watching a program last evening on West coast wolves that turn out to be a distinct population due to isolation. Guess WHAT.....these wolves catch fish and eat Fish, but they only eat the HEAD........leaving the rest for all the other creatures of the forest. It was said that the head contains the most Omeg 3's and lots of fatty acids, where as in the guts of the fish live parasites that could harm the wolves. Most interesting.

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