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Thread subject: Moon
Name Date Message
Anne 06/23/05 05:40 am Last nights full moon was amazing, and early this morning GMT time, it was very bright at DP. I have just seen on TV that the moon looks bigger this phase than it has done for 20 years. This is apparently an optical illusion due to the orbit in relation to earth. I must give it a proper look tonight, weather permitting.
Nancy L 06/23/05 11:41 am Yes, I saw the moon last night & it was just big & beautiful & perfectly round!
Kathy 06/23/05 11:48 am It was a beautiful sight!
Tiger 06/23/05 02:38 pm Yes but like a lot of media circuses it seems to have forgotten the real point. The real point was that last night's full moon was the lowest it has been since 1987.

It certainly was not the brightest or biggest. That happened a few years ago.

Interesting most of the standing stones in Britain are to predict where the moon would rise last night. Seems that people in ancient times were quite smart.

Anne 06/23/05 05:04 pm If it was low, then that would give the illusion of bigger wouldent it.

I am interested in what you said about the standing stones. Which ones? And do they predict the rising of the moon on a certain date or phase or orbit?
Tiger 06/23/05 06:37 pm Actually it turn out that last night was the lowest (most southerly) rising of the moon since 1915!

All the standing stones in Britain have one stone which points to the most southerly rising point of the moon. I will try to find you an article Anne!

Tiger 06/23/05 06:40 pm Back in 1997 when the comet Hale Bopp was in the sky I was asked to do a piece on radio about it.

We met up at the appointed time and it was total cloud cover.

The reporter said to me "You are going to pretend to see the comet". Not surprisingly I was most unhappy about this idea.

Well by good fortune the clouds broke and we saw the comet and were able to do our piece. However it shows just what the media will do!

Anne 06/24/05 06:48 am I hope that was not our beloved BBC!

I would appreciate that. I have been to the circles at Carnac in Brittany, France, and Callanish in Lewis in the Hebridees, and various minor ones inbetween. Callanish in particular filled me with a feeling of awe because the circles were built long before the Celts arrived in Britain. How did they errect them and how did they know where to align them? And how was all that knowledge lost?

Tiger 06/24/05 08:13 am Yes it was the BBC.....Radio 5.

Yes those are the stones I am talking about!
Nancy R 06/24/05 11:39 pm Anne, I've always wondered about that myself-- how was all the knowledge lost? How could ancient people do such amazing things yet not record anything about it? There are so many large missing pieces to some of the greatest civilizations' events---I don't understand how it can be! Who knows where we'd be if those lost bits of knowledge were built upon....*ponder*ponder*

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