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Thread subject: Maine loon cam
Name Date Message
Zara 06/24/05 12:13 pm I just got onto the Maine cam ( it eventually connected!) and saw one brownish fluffy chick sheltering under the parents wing, it was chirping loudly. Will keep an eye on it. Sorry but I don't have a clue how to go about saving a pic from there!
Celeste 06/24/05 12:52 pm I was surprised to be able to load the cam, and I saw the new chick too! They did say June 24th! Thank you Zara.
Anne 06/24/05 04:31 pm Every time I try, I get a 'server is busy' message. Word must have got round. What happens to diver chicks, does anyone know? Do they climb on the mothers back like grebes?
rick s. 06/24/05 04:41 pm I just got a good look at one little loonie, and one egg, before getting cut off.......cute little fellow.
DaveS 06/24/05 06:10 pm Anne, yes, Loon chicks ride on the parent's back. It's quite a sight!
Tiger 06/24/05 06:17 pm Oh is that like grebes?
Anne 06/24/05 06:25 pm Yes - did you not see the little grebe and all her chicks on the Bill Oddie Springwatch programme?

I was once watching a great crested grebe at her nest and she was trying to entice her three chicks into the water. They wouldent jump so she actually plucked a little feather from her back and twiddled it just out of their reach. They all thought it was a fish and jumped after it and fell into the water. They immediately climbed up onto her back and she swam off. it was so lovely to see.
Pam 06/24/05 06:27 pm I've been watching the cam most of today i.e. when it was available. I have posted some more pics in the Loon folder:
including a few of the new chick. They are not very clear because a lot of the time the connection was down to 28k per sec. or less and the picture deteriorated as a result. The website states that the chick will spend a couple of hours in the nest dish, drying, and then slip into the water and only return to a nest to incubate eggs themselves. However, this chick has been there much longer than two hours today
Pam 06/24/05 06:52 pm Momma Loon just left the nest, calling softly, the chick raised itself and followed and the person operating the cam panned out and I was able to see the chick take its first steps into the water - delightful ! The remaining egg lies on the nest in the shade of the trees and now Momma returns to the nest on her own, removes some of the eggshell, sits down briefly and now - she has gone to the water again. I'll never get to bed tonight ! Will post pics tomorrow.
Pam 06/24/05 06:55 pm I apologize to DPOF for using this as a Loon message board but I know folk are interested. Please let me know if you object.
Pam 06/24/05 07:07 pm Well - this chick doesn't know the rules - it is now settling down comfortably back on the nest with the parent, tucking itself under her wing, cheep, cheep !!
Marie 06/24/05 09:19 pm are hilarious! Amazing little chick that loon is. All creatures great and small. GOD bless them all
Marie 06/25/05 02:47 am I was able to get on five hours ago and saw the ?female waddle out of the water and up to her lonely egg that hadn't hatched yet. She settle down on this egg and then began to call. This was so loud I nearly fell off my chair. She sounded as though she was wailing. Bent her head and neck forward for several minutes and wailed. No sign of the little chick that was hatched it lost already? Perhaps her mate is carrying it around on its back. She finally got up and went back into the water. Camera went down as usual after a while but at this time which is five hours later, I have a clear picture of her sitting on her remaining egg. No sign of a chick unless it is under her. I hope all is well.
Celeste 06/25/05 05:47 am As I write this I have the loon cam on and I hear the loons on the lake....what a beautiful sound! The mother loon isn't on the nest, and I do believe the 2nd egg is starting to hatch, (5:45am) ET. Thank goodness I'm the only one awake in this house....watching two cams at once....I am definitely sprouting feathers on my head!!
Marie 06/25/05 07:07 pm We are all somewhat featherheads,,,,,,some are even more so than others. You'll understand this comment better than anyone Celeste, '-))
Kathy 06/25/05 07:10 pm ;-))
Celeste 06/25/05 08:38 pm too busy preening....;-))

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