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Thread subject: Just to let you know
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/25/05 08:53 am I was looking at our "original" posting site this morning (2003) and was surprised to find a whole community of people who are posting and looking at the cam...difference is that they are using the 2003 site to post. I posted a message on the observation board and message board.....They are watching the cam with us, but posting in the wrong place!!!!!
Shelley 06/25/05 09:08 am How is that possible??!
Mickey 06/25/05 09:57 am I just tried doing it and couldnt Cel. Are you sure?
check the dates :)
Melanie 06/25/05 10:42 am Cec, when you go to the page, copy and paste the URL and let Dave know. I can't access it by just going through the 2003 site (nor am I seeing new observations) BUT it is possible that some folks have bookmarked the old page to post from. Just because there is no link doesn't mean the page no longer exists.
cathy 06/25/05 11:08 am I can't see anything on 2003 observations from the present year. I did find this, though - kind of touching:
Fran Fri Sep 5 11:04 am Been away a while,only to witness an empty Nest today at 11:04.Seeing them grow has been a fantastic voyage.Can't wait till next Spring.

Jamie Fri Sep 5 8:21 am Well, I checked the nest a second time this morning (8:21 a.m.) and nothing but heart is heavy, as I heard nothing but a few seagulls in the distance...maybe our family is gone for the season??? :-(

Mickey Thu Sep 4 5:17 pm 9:38am- 5:17pm......nada......nothing... zilch.....not one sighting, not one Osprey squawk :(((( Live long and prosper Liberty and Freedom !!! More on the message board but bring a box of Kleenex !
Tiger 06/25/05 01:05 pm Well I have just made a post so it does work.

You need to Google "Puleston" and you get to that old site.
Tiger 06/25/05 01:06 pm The URL is:

cathy 06/25/05 01:41 pm Maintaining a web site like this is tricky!
Tiger 06/25/05 01:45 pm Yes even the cherry picker story comes back :)
Celeste 06/25/05 02:28 pm Sorry all I have been out all day...

this is the original site..... It is from this site that people have posted as late as June 14th. The message board also has comments. I posted on the OBS board and the Message board, and put a fictitious e-mail as back in 2003 the only way to post a message on the board was by putting our e-mails. (truly innocent days!)......Since "they" are watching the cam anyways, I figured it would be best to invite them in....However, Cec and I did notice that there are some very strange "messages" from '04.....besides the very legitimate obs and messages.
Melanie 06/25/05 03:53 pm Somebody spamming for something. They had to have had that page bookmarked, because there is no link to it from the "index" page or from the ospreyfund page.

I do know that if you google "Puleston", the site gets listed before the site.
Celeste 06/25/05 06:03 pm Dave if you read this, perhaps something can be inserted to direct newcomers to the current page....I'd hate to delete 2003 messages and ob's...reading them is like remembering "first grade" with fondness!. We were "all" fledglings at that point!
Tiger 06/25/05 06:21 pm I recognise some of those posters. They came via a Puleston search on Google.

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