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Thread subject: Maine cam - follow up from yesterday
Name Date Message
Pam 06/25/05 11:22 am Have now posted pics of chick's first swim and some cute close-ups too. All pics are rather blurred and there are now nearly 100 of them ! It is interesting to see that today they are rotating the cam 360 degrees, obviously looking for parents and chick, so I now know what the area is like, very pretty with reeds, water lilies and a lot of trees. Very quiet at the moment too. Pics at:

if you are interested.
Vicki in S. CA. 06/25/05 12:53 pm Great shots Pam. I have been trying to catch a view there but the site is either down or mom is sitting there. By the way, I think you do those great shots of the Race Rocks bald eagles which I love. I check Race Rocks daily because it is in my time zone. Since I believe you are a Brit can you tell me what a "tower block" is? There is a falcon nest in London located on such a place that I watch, with difficulty because of the 8 hour time difference. Thanks again for the great loon catches.
Tiger 06/25/05 01:13 pm That falcon nest is only a few miles from where I sit!

Tiger 06/25/05 01:15 pm Thanks for the lovely set of pictures Pam. I admire you great patience in preparing them.
Zara 06/25/05 01:37 pm Pam, I have just looked at your photos... they are brilliant. How do you do that?? I am still a learner so sat here yesterday with my mobile, took a few pics and sent them to myself via e-mail!!! Thanks for sharing them.
Tiger 06/25/05 02:10 pm Pam claims that it is all down to PERSISTENCE. Her results bear testimony to that!
Celeste 06/25/05 02:31 pm Pam you are so excellent in "capturing" photos! I missed the highlights of the loon cam, or sometimes it just won't load..Thanks!
Pam 06/25/05 03:20 pm Well it was soooo interesting yesterday - I just ignored all the housework, gardening etc. and spent HOURS on the computer ! I am retired so I am able to do that. Tiger is right - you have to be persistent with the loon cam because the connection is very bad and I know people can't always spare the time to keep trying so I'm glad you can share my own enjoyment. Zara - you can do something I can't do, sending email pics to yourself ! Vicki - a tower block is just a tall building in UK - you can't call them skyscrapers because they aren't high enough. Now back to the ospreys !
Marie 06/25/05 07:23 pm Pam those pics tell quite a story. Thank you for sharing. They are wonderful as usual.......
Those loon adults are stunningly beautiful.
Thank you again Pam
Cecilia 06/25/05 10:11 pm Oh Pam...those are so wonderful! Like a slow motion animation show :-) I've never been able to get on the Maine site.. .after the windows Media screen opens I always get a message that says "The Host is unreachable." But thank you for taking all of those photos and posting almost feels like I got on the site :-) What gorgeous birds and a few of those chick shots are too cute!
Lori 06/25/05 10:20 pm Thankyou Pam the chick is adorable. I was watching for a little while last night but the cam would stop & start all the time & the picture was blurry. Thanks for being my eyes!
Anne 06/26/05 04:03 pm I missed the chicks so I was so pleased you captured them. Thank you Pam.

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