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Thread subject: Chat
Name Date Message
Pam 06/26/05 11:54 am Have just tested chat - it is still working and I think would be quite useful sometimes when people would like to discuss something but don't feel it would be of interest to the rest of the message posters e.g. technical problems, realplayer, capturing photos etc. Perhaps we ought to make an effort to get it going again, instead of emailing or clogging up the noticeboard. Will go back to it now and sign out !
Celeste 06/26/05 12:46 pm I also noticed that a "Jerry" posted some nice photos of I think "our" osprey....The only thing I find in the Chat area is that it "jumps" and moves on its own, without the user pressing any keys whatsoever.

This is the link from the Chat page. from Jerry on June 9th. If you see this Jerry, they are great photos!
Cecilia 06/26/05 01:02 pm Those are wonderful...I especially loved the ones on the Danger sign and the one where the RWBB is pestering an adult. Thanks Jerry!
Matt 06/26/05 03:12 pm Great photos, but I don't think it is the DPOF nest.
Anne 06/26/05 05:35 pm They are super photos but I do not recognise the ospreys. Are they last year's birds? The female is definitely not Betty 2005, neither are the two chicks Brook and Haven.
Matt 06/26/05 05:55 pm If you take a good look at that nest, it has the perch standing straight up. I think it is not on Long Island at all because most of the nests I have seen have the perch at a 45 degree angle.

Jerry, great photos. Where were these taken?
Tim P 06/26/05 05:57 pm Looks like a nest I've seen in West Hampton.
Mickey 06/26/05 06:20 pm yea theres no way thats the DPOF nest.
But my god what fantastic high res pics!
Cecilia 06/26/05 09:53 pm Pam...we all got distracted by Jerry's photos..but your original thread was about the Chat Board. Like Celeste I've never found it user friendly. And I'm usually squeezing in a quick look at the cam between clients or meetings and then posting on this board at odd times when no one else is around so the Chat Board has never seemed tempting. I guess we've all gotten used to having conversations drawn out by the limitations of the Message Board and we're happy enough with the system we're used to. Can't teach old dogs new tricks and all that! WEG
cathy 06/27/05 12:03 am I'm still distracted by Jerry's photos - I like these Danger Deep Water shots which in osprey language means - great fishing and a sign to eat it on.
Marie 06/27/05 01:23 am Back from a day in Vancouver to see the grand children. Catching up on things.
Great pics of the ospreys by Jerry. Must be last years nest as there are young in that nest as well as a beautiful shot of a juvenile on the power ceramic. Thanks for sharing Jerry.
karen 06/27/05 08:57 am I think Tim P got it right and I think Jerry is the man next door in my story about meeting an "osprey friend" when I was birdwatching on his buildings property ( message board about a month ago ) ... his name is Jerry and the nest is I think on the library bridge at WHB ... I had set this site up on his computer the day I met him ... maybe he is lurking ... he takes great photos. So Jerry is that you? If we do not hear I will walk over next weekend and ask him but these sure do look like his work ....
Cecilia 06/27/05 09:11 am Karen, where is WHB?
karen 06/27/05 09:52 am Sorry .. Westhamton Beach (shorthand)

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