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Thread subject: Life As a Fourth Osprey Chick
Name Date Message
Tiger 06/28/05 02:02 pm A while ago I reported that there was a four chick family at Peebles in Scotland.

Well the good news is that there is still a four chick family.

However it will not surprise you to learn that #4 is having a hard time.

They have launched an osprey diary.

Anne 06/28/05 02:54 pm I have been wondering how they are getting on up there. I am so glad you found the diary Tiger, thanks.
Tiger 06/28/05 04:23 pm And a diary for the Welsh ospreys
Marie 06/29/05 01:36 am Oh Tiger....I am so glad I am not watching this activity toward the 4th chick. It makes me shiver just reading the account of the agression. I remember too well what we have watched this year and last.......
karen 06/29/05 08:50 am Thanks Tiger I try to keep up but the reminders help and I always enjoy the diaries. What was new info to me was that the males are more apt to return to the birth area than females
"We are hoping that at least one of them is male, as males are drawn back to their birth site when they are ready to breed, which could mean that Wales is treated to more amazing sights like this in the future." I thought that both sexes returned to the nest area ...
Tiger 06/29/05 11:05 am Oh the males are the ones that come back to their birth site but like most things it is not 100% true. The fact that there are Welsh ospreys at all is testimony to the fact that it is not totally true as both males in Wales were released from Rutland Water.

However, given that last year there were six single males hanging around Rutland, there were maybe just smart birds to find females elsewhere.

Also two of the three females that have bred at Rutland were Rutland birds.

As always we are in a state of learning.

Tiger 06/29/05 11:11 am Two quite fabulous audio clips are to be found at:

Here one of the young males from Rutland turns up in the Lake District and tries to seduce the resident female XS. {Lovely name that :) }.

The female was tempted but the new male disappeared when the resident male (No-ring) arrived back from holiday in Africa. His love match with XS was resumed and they are currently raising two young chicks.
cathy 06/29/05 12:57 pm I like the title of this thread "Life as a Fourth Osprey Chick" . It sounds like a manual for survival at an extreme disadvantage. Chapter 1: While in the egg, how to emotionally prepare for risk of being tiny among huge brothers and sisters.
Chapter 2: How to get the attention of your parent during feeding time.
Chapter 3: How to avoid being pecked.
Chapter 4: How to look alive to avoid being removed from the nest prematurely.
Chapter 5: How to gain respect by fledging first.
Chapter 6: How to fatten up for migration by fishing on your own, eating in tree and not sharing with big fat sibs.
Tiger 06/29/05 01:24 pm Oh Cathy those sound great ideas! LOL.
cathy 06/29/05 06:20 pm I listened to the first audio broadcast, and the commentator said this one osprey couple had contributed 1million (money unit - Pounds? - sorry to be so ignorant) to the local Cambria economy!! because of all the visitors watching the osprey couple. If people need another reason for encouraging ospreys other than it's right, here it is.

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