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Thread subject: Three hours with the BIRDS
Name Date Message
Marie 06/29/05 02:49 am It was one of those lovely afternoons that encouraged me to take a 'TOUR' of the local bird- baby- galleries that are very much evident this breeding season.
I managed to see not only the two very active eaglets at the Golf course nest but also the lone survivor of the Ten mile point nest. Originally there were two eaglets here. This juvenile was seen perched above the nest approximately three feet waiting patiently for its parents to bring home a meal. It was happily hanging onto a nice broken branch with those big yellow and black talons. This big dark brown feathered bird stretched out its long wings and managed to not only flap a few times it also stayed securely fastened to the branch. A blessing at this stage. Although the eaglet/juvenile is as big as its parents at this age it is not ready to take flight for a couple of weeks. As far as I could see no parent bird was around. Perhaps it was well hidden from the juvenile bird in the leafy foliage so it wouldn't keep begging for food. Hopefully the female was around just incase something happened. I decided to leave at this point. Only so much one can watch when little activity is taking place. An hour here was enough. This overgrown, wild, natural park was truly like a jungle down where I ventured. I began the walk back along the pathway to the road. I headed off in my cranberry coloured Mada with windows down and the volume up on the CD player. I motored across the city. The familiar beat of ''Tuesday afternoon'' belted out. Rather appropriate since it was Tuesday afternoon. I was listening to my most favorite group, The Moody Blues. Their vocalization filled the car and no doubt the road ways. I didn't care because it was a lovely afternoon and I felt like flying...... I was heading to osprey country and I hoped to see Babies. I didn't get further than my favorite nest site this afternoon. Upon arrival I suddenly caught sight of two little heads above the level of the nest. These little ones are about three weeks old. The female was with them in the nest. I watched their modest activity for a while. She called plaintively on several occasions. Not a call that was familiar I must say. Below the nest the ball park was filling up with noisy players. It was now 6pm. I think the female's cramped quarters in the nest encouraged her to take flight. She soared above and around the nest for five minutes, eventually returning to the nest with a stick that she had snapped off from one of the trees up on the rise. Persistant calling by the female finally brought in the male 30 mins later. He arrived with a small fish. He stayed awhile and then flew to a snag up on the rise. Eventually he soared above the trees and was suddenly joined by two other ospreys. The female in the nest set off the alarm call but the male continued to drift with them. The resident male didn't show any agression toward these interlopers. Perhaps these were his fishing buddies. When the needs of his family had been met were these two his pals? One was curious enough to flew toward the nest which set off the female again. It flew off quickly. The look of the female must have made him think twice about sticking around. Who knows what was going to transpire. The three osprey then flew over the tree tops till I could see them no more.
The wind by this time had turned more boisterous and I was beginning to feel cold. Time to head to MacDonalds to fuel up. This was to be one of those rare stops where I indulge in everything that I shouldn't. A crispy chicken burger and fries was exactly what my doctor ordered for ME ;-))
Tomorrow, if the weather is good I will try to get to the other osprey nests after work.
Celeste 06/29/05 05:14 am Well thank you for taking us along for the ride......also your description of the male ospreys can give us a sense of what might go on when we hear Betty "upset". Oh, and I also "enjoyed" that crispy chicken and fries too! (Tue-sdaaaay, af-ter-noooon)!
Pam 06/29/05 06:01 am I was with you all the way Marie - didn't we have a great time? :) :) :)
Cecilia 06/29/05 08:02 am And now I want that chicken :-) always I enjoyed reading "Travels with Marie"
karen 06/29/05 08:40 am Thanks for the great day trip!
cathy 06/29/05 01:12 pm I can just picture this happening - and the ospreys in the ball park.
Marie 06/29/05 04:39 pm Any time folks...any time. I love sharing with you all my encounters with my feathered friends.

Certainly takes my mind off other things.

Right now I am watching the male and female Violet-green Swallows fly in and pop an insect into the gaping mouths of two baby swallows in the nest box on my balcony. One is so big and fat I wonder how it will leap out of the'' smile ''shaped window and launch itself into the air. Its smaller and younger sibling is quite delicate in comparison. Guess I know which one had the biggest GAPE and got the most deliveries stuffed down its throat during the past two weeks. It is interesting to watch the parents as they don't have to go inside the box any more. The young are right there at the enterance to the nest box waiting for food.Their little mouths open to an enormous size even before the food arrives. The big one looks like it will fall out soon as it gets so excited when it sees its parents flying in with food.
Birds and their behaviours are fascinating to watch.
Lori 06/30/05 12:35 am Hi Marie, I enjoy road tripping with you...rain or shine! Thanks for sharing!

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