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Thread subject: Post 5313
Name Date Message
Tiger 07/01/05 07:50 am Now what is the significance of post 5313?
Ivy 07/01/05 09:08 am I'm not sure I know what is significant about it in your mind, Tiger, but if you look at the numbers could be representative of the start of the 2005 DPOF Live Cam season: '5' for the year, 2005, '3' for the month of March, and '13' for the day of the month in which it became operative.

"The Ospreycam went live at 12:52 PM on March 13, 2005"

Shelley 07/01/05 11:01 am I think the heat is getting to you both!! LOL!!
Tiger 07/01/05 11:13 am You just love puzzles don't you Ivy??

Not what I had in mind but a great effort.

Oh Shelley there has to be an answer!
Marie 07/01/05 11:30 am hA ha! TIGER, you are such a TEACHER......and you love to make us THINK!.

that number is significant because it is.....
the post from last year. Posted by out great
TOM T, DATED 31/12/2004 AT 11.17

Test of Authenticated post.

How's that for an answer............
Marie 07/01/05 11:39 am I do believe I made a MISTAKE.on the time Tom T posted was 11.11 so I was off there abit but he did post another comment at 11.17.
Dear Celeste has the distinction of being the last "' poster gal"' for the year 2004.
She clocked in on 31/12/04 at 10.13 pm.
Way to go Celeste..
Our message board will long surpased this significant NO. TIGER by the time we all get finished for the year. ;-))
Tiger 07/01/05 11:49 am Well Marie you got it exactly right. We pass the total number of posts for 2004 at less than the midpoint of the year (yes the middle day of the year is July 2).

Ivy 07/01/05 01:41 pm I do love puzzles, Tiger. I'm usually better with word puzzles than with numbers, though.

Actually it's pretty amazing that Message Board 2005 has already surpassed the total number of messages in 2004.

Way to go, Marie. It didn't take you long to come up with the correct answer.
Marie 07/01/05 01:54 pm LOL.having spent 5 hrs in his company one Sunday and then another 9 hrs with Pam and Tiger another day during my holiday in England this year one gets to know how some people THINK........he is easy to figure least I believe he is....
But not necessarily so. I know only a little of his massive intellect for Figures and dates. He is after all a Math Proff as well as Chemistry and Physics. What else Tiger.........???
Tiger 07/01/05 07:10 pm Oh Ivy you will love this one then.

What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich want it, if you eat it you will die and during incubation Dennis frequently arrived at the nest with it!

What is it?
Ivy 07/01/05 10:21 pm Perhaps 'nothing'?
Tiger 07/02/05 05:42 am Yes you got it in one Ivy. :)

I have run a puzzle forum on more than one occasion but it gets to be tough work keeping it going.

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