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Thread subject: Instant replay
Name Date Message
Pam 07/01/05 06:35 pm Thanks for reminding us about the instant replay facility on Realplayer Tiger - I just did the same after your observation and watched the fight again - it was very aggressive but Betty didn't seem too bothered. She shouted at them for a while and then gave up and went over to the left of the nest and started housework until they had calmed down. But you were quite right, Haven took the first peck and who can blame her ?
Tiger 07/01/05 06:44 pm Yes the instant replay is very good isn't it? I wonder if the full version of Realplayer would allow one to save clips?

Yes Haven was a bit fed up at getting starved so decided to give Brook a peck. This immediatly led to the biggest chick fight I have ever seen. It really did look as if Brook felt it was the last straw and was determined to evict Haven.

Might be a good clip.

BTW notice how similar the fight was to a pair of chickens or batams fighting?

Pam 07/01/05 06:44 pm Another thing I didn't remember was to pause the replay to take a capture - as a result I have a lot of blurred pics and now the cache has gone.
Pam 07/01/05 06:49 pm The fight was very like a cock-fight but they have feet on the ground, not high in a nest. If Haven had gone over the edge I suppose that would have been the end of her. By the way, I downloaded the latest Realplayer (Version 10.5) this evening on the advice of Brent (Orca-Live). Apparently you can pause the live action for up to 12 hours.
Shelley 07/01/05 06:54 pm I must be missing something. Where is instant replay? I do not see such an option when I observe...

I am hoping that Tom or Dave can make a clip of that nest fight, though
Tiger 07/01/05 06:58 pm Oh thanks for that info Pam. I already have 10.5 so I will do a bit of experimenting.

Actually funny you should say cock-fight.

Many years ago I knew a brood of chickens which had a pair of batams with them. Now the batams ruled the roost.

Then a very large white rooster joined the brood and surprisingly the batams still ruled the roost. So much so that the rooster had to eat after the batams had finished.

However one day the inevitable happened and a fight broke out between the rooster and the male batam. It was a fierce fight but inevitably the rooster won. Thereafter the batams had to wait for dinner!!

Tiger 07/01/05 07:00 pm Oh Shelley I do think that the clip of the chicks fighting could be a big draw at Madison Square Gardens!

Pam 07/01/05 07:20 pm Shelley: you have to open the cam in a floating Realplayer screen by right-clicking on the DPOF cam panel, then you have the option of pausing/rewind/fast forward from the controls on the floating screen. This also enables you to watch the action whilst doing other things e.g. obs. or messages.
Tiger 07/01/05 07:28 pm Pam if you go to tools and preferences you can vary the length of clip up to 12 hours.

Celeste 07/02/05 04:48 am Though I missed yesterday's fight, the "pushing" out of the nest was extremely prevalent the first year we observed. It started almost from the time the two chicks were born and continued through the season, right up until the time they fledged. More than once I would watch the screen clenching the desk! I read once that the chick facing the rim of the nest was a sign of submission.....though it certainly looked like it was about to be pushed out of the nest. Would love to see a clip! (Dave?) (After barbeque time will be ok! ;-)
Tiger 07/02/05 05:52 am Interestingly four people simultaneously report this. Shows that the obs are reliable!

Yes Celeste it would make a good video clip.

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