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Thread subject: Worries about Haven
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Anne 07/02/05 11:59 am I havent managed to catch a feed for a few days now, but by all accounts Brook is getting all the food and there has been a fight. I am worried about Haven - will she have the strength to fly? And will the fish Dennis catches after Brook has fledged be fed to Brook away from the nest?

I have seen preference given to fledged birds in my own garden. The first House martins to fledge always follow their parents and and often fed in the air and back at the nest site to the detriment of the birds still in the nest. In bad weather years, there are always dead youngsters left in the nest.
Marie 07/02/05 12:26 pm Don't worry Anne, I have seen one chick fed at the nest by one parent and the other that has fledged and on a near by pole being fed by the other parent. I think when there are only two both parents want both chicks to survive. An insurance policy. When there are more than two chicks perhaps it is more difficult, however I have seen parent birds just drop the fish off in the nest and high-tail it out. Then all three fight over the spoils. I guess the fittest chick gets the fish. Always some left over for the others usually, even if their crops aren't filled to the brim.
Matt 07/02/05 02:00 pm Don't forget last year, when the third chick was kept away from the food by the other two chicks, she fledged first and then would fly away with the fish. So one never knows what may happen.
Anne 07/02/05 04:08 pm Thats good to know, I can enjoy the rest of the tennis and Live8 now! (The Who are making their first live appearance for years soon). On a more serious note, I notice that it is Brook who is doing all the wing flapping practice, so wont she be stronger?
Melanie 07/02/05 04:52 pm She may be stronger, but may not necessarily be capable of liftoff due to weight. It is normal for fewer fish to be brought to the nest prior to fledging. Perhaps it brings them into "flying" weight. Perhaps it is incentive to get away from the piggy, er, I mean, other chick and have an uninterrupted, non-competative meal.

At any rate, I wouldn't be concerned about Haven's viability at this point. Right now Momma is doing the parcelling out of food - wait till the chicks become more capable of feeding themselves. The parents will drop off the food and high-tail it away from the nest. Then the food fights will really begin. ;-p
Mickey 07/02/05 08:13 pm like the others have said, dont worry. IMO these chicks are a solid week away from the possibility of fledging. There just hasnt been much hopping yet. And from reading the obs and watching there hasnt been much hooding of food and feeding themselves yet. I think the hooding of fish and feeding themselves will come next.Once they fledge they still come back for food in the very very beginning. The nest will act like a home base.

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