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Thread subject: Last Posting Re: Saturday July 9th---at the Pulestons
Name Date Message
Celeste 07/05/05 05:52 am Finally, we are just days away......Again, we are scheduled to meet at the Pulestons on Saturday, July 9th, from 1-3pm.

The following is the list of observers we know are coming on Saturday and what they have volunteered to bring..........

Cecilia................veggies/dip, tablecloths/bottle/wine openers.
Celeste..............paper goods, garbage bags. utensils., ice.
Melanie.............insect repellant
Mickey..............fruit salad
Nancy...............pineapple/jello dish
Ron...................his wife, (we hope)

So far the weather looks "decent" for osprey time together. And once again, for all those who are not able to be there, you will be there with us in spirit and we promise to take photos and perhaps you might even "hear" us!
Shelley 07/05/05 05:58 am As one who will be unable to attend in person, I'd like to add something to your list: CAMERAS!! (a live cam feed would be terrific, for *observations*, but short of that, the more cameras present, the better!

Have a wonderful time, everyone!!
karen 07/05/05 09:20 am Please post the email link for directions ... it has been a year and I am not totally sure I can remember that far back ( much less last week sometimes...) Looking forward to Saturday.
Celeste 07/05/05 09:26 am Karen I am double-checking with Dave to make sure I post the correct e-mail address.

Celeste 07/05/05 09:35 am Karen I just discovered an e-mail address you posted on the message board in early June of this year....I have forwarded Dave's instructions, (which I saved from last year) to your e-mail.
Marie 07/05/05 09:36 am Have a simply WONDERFUL time together.......

We will be watching and waiting for all those photos. Wave a red napkin on that pathway. We will be sure to see you then......... ;-))

Have a marvelous picnic and you know we all
( those that can't attend) will be wishing we were there too. In spirit you'll feel our presence.

Stay safe.
karen 07/05/05 09:49 am Got them thanks see you Sat
Mickey 07/05/05 10:11 am I`ll bring my 12ga shotgun too. So fresh Osprey might be lunch too. :))
Matt you better come!
RonS 07/05/05 10:29 am Mickey, do you think that using Matt's name in the same sentence in which you use the phrase "12ga shotgun" is really an inducement?? LOL
Mickey 07/05/05 10:52 am LOL Ron......I am trying to make it so he`ll come.I figured by bringing him a toy would help :)
Celeste 07/05/05 03:20 pm

The above is Dave's e-mail address for any of you who are attending and need directions.
karen 07/05/05 03:53 pm Question ... can anyone else bring the ice? I have to be at my coop board meeting and will be running out of there to make it to the Pulestons hopefully almost on time... it would make it much easier if I did not have to try and stop for ice ...
Mickey 07/05/05 05:03 pm ok I`ll bring the ice then. Someone will need to bring coolers then because when I leave I cant leave the cooler. Its a very important tool for kite flying and tail gating :)
I`d like to encourage those of you on the fence about going to make the leap and come. Everyone who went last year and had a fantastic time! If you have kids and cant come unless you bring the kids. Just bring them. We`ll cook them with the Osprey Matt,Tim Ron or I shoot. :))))) j/k
Its a trip to see the nest site from the ground relativly up close. A real treat. Last year the birds were gone so this trip should be alot of fun! So if your coming see you Saturday ! Hopefully some of you can get your parole officers to let you out for the day.Mine has agreed and I`ll be wearing a ankle bracelet.
RonS 07/05/05 05:11 pm Addendum to Mickey's post above. Don't forget that the time will be ripe for a fledging. Now wouldn't that be the cherry on the blackbird pie!!! ;-o)
Mickey 07/05/05 05:15 pm from your lips to the chicks Ron !

what a trip that would be man !!!!
Mickey 07/05/05 05:17 pm Hopefully the Ladies wont get drunk again this year and dance on the picnic tables *wink*
Lori 07/05/05 08:48 pm Iam going to miss you all terribly this time around! Have a wonderful time Saturday. Take many pictures ...please. Sending wishes for a fledging. :-)
Matt 07/05/05 09:04 pm Now how did my name get associated with a 12 gauge? One wonders who that 12 gauge is really for. :)
karen 07/06/05 08:18 am Thanks Mickey for offering to bring the ice .... now to raise a question ... is this event rain or shine? The weather people are now waffling ( what else is new ) on the forecast because of the rain from the tropical depression Cindy ....
Mickey 07/06/05 11:13 am Speaking for myself, I wont go if its raining,snowing,sleeting....
Cecilia 07/06/05 12:49 pm I just got back and heard about the possibility of rain...I think we should decide on Friday night at some pre-determined time to make the "Off or On" call. By then we should know what the hurricane is doing and that will be enough time to stop Melanie from making the trip up.

The last time I heard from Dave he said he and Tom Throwe were coming but that Tom Ludlam would be out of town. He had invited other DPOF people and hadn't heard from any of them at that point. He may know more now.

Mickey, I'll bring a cooler and tin boiler to hold the ice so if you have to leave early it will be fine.

Ron...I'm so glad to hear that you're getting to come after all!! And...Lori...we will miss you!!!

I don't think we will be able to put a red scarf on the ground under the nest (as someone suggested) because we aren't allowed to enter the Wertheim property where the nest is. We'll be viewing it from the Puleston's property which is right on the edge of the Sanctuary.

It sounds like there will be several of us with digital cameras so there should be plenty of pictures. One friend was describing how we could set up a web site with a live feed to the ground party but it was way over my head and way too late :-) I think.

I just hope we don't get rained out :-(
karen 07/06/05 02:26 pm Can we do a phone chain for a rain cancellation? I am not on the computer Friday or Saturday ...
Mickey 07/06/05 03:12 pm Mel..........whats the latest we can cancel on Friday for you?

karen......I can call you and let you know. Or I can just give you my number.
karen 07/06/05 03:32 pm Hi Mickey my cell is 516-448-4926 can I have your number also? if you do not want to post it my email is Meanwhile lets all keep our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates because it would be really sad to cancel!
Melanie 07/06/05 04:57 pm I am supposed to be at an Oriole's/RedSox game Friday night - serious RedSoxNation member here. I was going to get the train tickets at the station at 0:dark thirty when I get to the train station on Saturday morning, so I am in good shape if things need to get cancelled.

The only thing that will be a problem is if it gets rescheduled for the first weekend in August. I'm playing tour guide for my sister and nieces that weekend.
Mickey 07/06/05 06:24 pm you have mail Karen.

I guess Cec or Cel will call you Mel.

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