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Thread subject: nesting
Name Date Message
hwneyes 07/09/05 08:50 am When the nest is abandoned, which returning bird claims the nest?
Tiger 07/09/05 08:56 am I take it you mean when the birds return in March?

Well we presume it will be Dennis and Betty but it really is the first pair of birds that turn up and can make their claim stick. We do not know whether last year's birds failed to show or whether they were evicted.
Tiger 07/09/05 02:05 pm Well Betty is the one that normally hangs around the nest :)

However early in the season it was quite hard to distinguish them apart and more particularly that they were different birds from last year.

I suppose Betty's necklace is the biggest distinguishing feature. She also has a much whiter head and she is bigger but not dramatically so. Dennis also has distinctive feet which he seems to have passed on to need for DNA testing there! :)
Tiger 07/09/05 03:23 pm Oh get yourself in the guestbook and hen we will get a new dot on the map. The most far flung one yet.

Yes we eagerly await the first flight....mind you a mixture of joy and sadness. Soon after that will be "empty nest".

hwneyes 07/09/05 04:42 pm Okey...posted location in guestbook.

I just viewed (3:30p) one of the chicks flapping its wings and had a liftoff above the nest...yea!! It momentarily disappeared off the screen then returned to the nest. It was just a matter of seconds, but what a magnificent sight ;-)))
Look Mom...I can fly!
Betty must be proud.
Tiger 07/09/05 04:47 pm That is great news.

First fledge must be very close now.

CathyMeyer 07/09/05 05:17 pm Tiger: Thanks so much for the notes on differences between Betty and Dennis. I'll have to check out those feet.

hwneyes: Welcome aboard. So glad that someone else saw the 3:30 PM liftoff, almost couldn't believe my eyes and thankful for your verification. Now understand your 'login' after seeing you are from Hawaii. We've got pretty much a 24/7 time zone coverage of 'viewers' now. Enjoy!
Shelley 07/09/05 05:30 pm Welcome, hwneyes!! How cool that our coverage extends out that far! :-)

Yes, I expect fledging to be any time now...!
CathyMeyer 07/09/05 06:57 pm Hey Tiger, check out Mickey's 3:30 PM post on the observation board on 7/9/5 after the picnic. It appears Dennis has passed on his feet to his son Haven!
Tiger 07/09/05 07:14 pm Ah another triumph for reporting what one sees. Yes once you see Dennis's feet you could never miss them again.

Now has this hurricane been named after him? :) :)

Mickey 07/09/05 07:17 pm Im surprised you didnt hear us screach when Brook went airborn CathyMeyer. I hope no one minded me posting the 3:30 ob and sneaking it in.Its purpose was to let you know many of us saw it live from below. A day ago I laughed off Tigers comment about Haven having Dennis` feet. After today Im not laughing anymore.I believe it.
Hi hwneyes and welcome.
CathyMeyer 07/09/05 07:27 pm Hi Mickey, was so delighted to see that the group had witnessed the fun after 3:00 PM today and glad you posted where you did so we all know how things happened today. I tried to listen for you folks however missed the human sounds. Must have been too excited watching the liftoff. Sounds like a good time was had by all.
Tiger 07/09/05 07:31 pm Thanks have no idea how pleased I am about my DNA comment now (see above)!

Mickey 07/09/05 07:48 pm when Tim,Dave and I were commenting that it looks like the nest might not have 2 female chicks we were of course poopoo`d by the Ladies and shhhhhhhhhhhh`d up. When Betty P said there had to be a male in the nest you had to see the Ladies faces ! They werent about to argue with Betty P. !
Celeste 07/09/05 08:01 pm Welcome Hawaii....first of all!!!!

We had a wonderful day.....we really wanted to have you guys hear us....we blew whistles, yelled, etc....We did see the lift-off, and Dennis flew over us several times, observing us! I have sent some photos out, but the novice here somehow got a smudge on the lens......between trying to figure out which button to push.....getting excited and then the cam would automatically shut down, blah, blah...the more experienced photographers will have great photos......
Cecilia 07/09/05 08:04 pm Now Mickey...what she actually said was, "There had to have been a male in the nest." :-) I think she meant for Betty to have laid eggs! But it is as Micky of the chicks has a very strong necklace and does look bigger.
Tiger 07/09/05 08:10 pm Well remember there were two other chick now presumably in osprey heaven!

Kathy 07/09/05 09:17 pm Welcome hwneyes, glad to have a new member.
Marie 07/09/05 09:38 pm Welcome'll love it here......
I loved your comments on the Golden Plover....we get them migrating through Victoria BC. We don't see many but a few stop off here in fall migration.
Matt 07/10/05 08:34 am Most likely that is either Betty or Dennis sitting on the perch above the camera. The microphone on the camera is sensitive and while they could be up there just adjusting their feet, it sounds like they're trying to remove the camera.
hwneyes 07/10/05 02:00 pm Hi Matt-thanks for your comment ;-)

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