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Thread subject: 2nd Annual Picnic
Name Date Message
Mickey 07/09/05 06:27 pm Todays attendees were: Cecilia,Celeste,Melanie,Nancy,Karen,Tim,Tom,

Dave and me. Betty poped in at the very end and even took the girls downstairs in the barn to show them where she would like to hang some printed pictures from this nest and of Melanies.We hung out watching the nest at the South side of the barn for a while but there was not much action. So everyone at one point or another went exploring. Mostly over to the empty wagon wheel nest which is North/East of the DPOF nest.

At 2pm the Ladies chanted DPOS...then everyone laughed and they tried DPOF correctly. Then they even blew whistles.(no one had wine yet) :)

About 2:30 everyone went over to the tables for sodas wine and snacks. As luck would have it we returned back over to the barn around 3:15ish and caught the fish drop off, Dennis showed off his flying skills right over our heads and then we caught the lift off! Tim and all the Ladies took plenty of pictures so give them some time. All I can say is what a fine group of folks we had today ! One chick is deffinetly bigger then the other and its necklace is 1000% more pronounced too. The webcam is lacking in color inside the nest compared to live thru Daves scope. So Dave,Tim and I all agree theres a female and male chick. Betty even said theres a male in the nest and who are we to argue with her :)

2 hours isint enough time as it went by so fast. We were allowed to stay till 4pm. Thanks to Dave+Tom and Betty of course for allowing us to tresspass again this year.
cathy 07/09/05 06:30 pm Thanks, Mickey for the outside story and how what you saw compares with what we see through RealPlayer. I tuned in too late to hear the noise below.
Tim P 07/09/05 08:01 pm Ok, I put some of todays photos on my website.
If anyone wants any of these pictures I will e-mail them to you.
I had a great time with some really great people.
Thanx to everyone for a great day.
Look in The DPOF section.
Matt 07/09/05 08:07 pm Glad to hear one of the chicks lifted off during the get together.

Hopefully Dave or Tom can get a video clip of it.
Tiger 07/09/05 08:07 pm Thank you Tim. Those are wonderful as usual.
Matt 07/09/05 08:09 pm Great pictures Tim.
Cecilia 07/09/05 08:14 pm We all had a great time...what nice people and the weather was just right...dry and comfortable with a slight breeze.

We did try making noise at 2:00 but the Puleston's property is pretty far from the nest plus the wind was blowing the other way. Nancy and I even blew whistles but we were pretty sure that it was hopeless.

I think 5 of us had cameras so there will be plenty of pictures. Dave said that he will post the one's that we send him in the Archived Still Pictures section as Contributed Pictures.

We think Tim got a great shot of Dennis landing in the nest with that fish at around 3:15 or so. And all of us were taking photos of Dennis when he was soaring over our heads but most likelyTim's shots will be the best...he had a beautiful camera with a big zoom.

It was a wonderful day, thanks to Betty of course, but especially Dave and Tom who were kind enough to make the arrangements with Betty and give up their Saturday to join us. Thanks so much!

Now I'm going right to Tim's site to see what he got :-)

Marie 07/09/05 08:21 pm Wonderful , wonderful , wonderful.............Thank you all for sharing your lovely day with us.
This is such a great web site......
Cecilia 07/09/05 08:24 pm Wow got the fish delivery and the lift off. Excellent!!! Thanks for getting those on your site so quickly!
I'll see what I have tonight and send the best off to Dave.

BTW, we put Melanie on a train into Penn Station at 6:26 so she could catch the AmTrack train back to Baltimore. She certainly gets the award for making the most effort to get to the nest today...she'll be lucky to get home by 1:00am and she started out at 6:00am...long day! She'a a real trooper!
Mickey 07/09/05 08:33 pm HOLY BATMAN TIM !!

Cec is right! You got the delivery and liftoff !
I cant believe it!
That Melanie sure is a nice Lady.
Its a good group and all so good looking ! ;)
Celeste 07/09/05 08:39 pm I think the best part of the whole day is that when we are all together it's like old friends seeing each after a "great while". We laugh, talk, joke, we have always have done it, (well in a sense we have)....

Yes Melanie deserves a "gold star" for the lengths she went through to get to the nest. I was so pleased that she got to see the real Betty, weather was good, etc. Everything today was like clockwork. Now off I go to see "really good photos" by Tim.....not mine with the "smootch" on the lens....Oh well. Next year I should be better...(we can only hope)!

Oh and once again, thank you Dave and Tom always for all that you do!
Celeste 07/09/05 08:42 pm Tim they are amazing......thank you for capturing "our memories"!
Tim P 07/09/05 08:57 pm Thanx Everyone. Yes Melanie did come a long way. I hope she had a good time. She also supplied each of us with a photo disk of her chick banding trip. One of the highlights were Dave's SWAROVSKI BINOCULARS, Marie,Shelley,Pam,Tiger and anyone else who does serious bird watching.
These to me are totally the best glasses money can buy. I will be saving for a pair,,
Damn they are so cool...
He also has a great spotting scope that allows you to see these birds in true colors. The camera depicts these chicks differently in its light. They look very close to adult through the scope. I wish we were going back tomorrow. Iâd like some more photo opportunities as the chicks fledge.
Kathy 07/09/05 09:00 pm As always beautiful pictures Tim, I was lucky to have seen the chick "lift off" she must have known you were all there and was "showing off."
Marie 07/09/05 09:32 pm Tim, I know they are the should see what the SCOPE can do for a BIRD...;-)
Lori 07/09/05 10:12 pm Great pictures again!! When I saw the pictures of the chick catching some air... Peter Pan's "You can Fly" starts up in my head! :-)

Today turned out to be a perfect osprey gathering day. I'm sorry I couldn't be there; but glad you all had a great day.
Mickey, you certainly know how to flatter a girl!!!!
cathy 07/09/05 10:37 pm What gorgeous wings that chick has!
Shelley 07/09/05 10:58 pm Thanks so much, everyone, for the reports. I was out all day and missed your *call* but am catching up now with the boards and the photos.

Tim, as always, FABULOUS photos!! I've also received some via email from Celeste and look forward to seeing the rest in the DPOF contributed photos section.

I am so very happy for all of you that today's weather was a complete change from yesterday's!! Just plain good karma coming from that nest site!


It looked like such a perfect day. Thanks to all who made it happen

Rich_H 07/09/05 11:50 pm Today was the right day?! When I got there at 5:00, no one was there. Except the Osprey. :)
Melanie 07/10/05 12:21 am Lady???? Mickey called me a lady??? Who told you that???? You're not supposed to tell people I'm a lady - that means I might have to start living up to it!

AND I'm home just before I turned into a pumpkin.
Marie 07/10/05 12:46 am Well done glad you are safely home. Glad you had a great time.
Good seeing you all in pictures instead of just words.;-)
Zara 07/10/05 06:21 am Brilliant photos, Thanks for sharing them. I was lucky enough to buy my brother in laws Swarovski binoculars from him as he was upgrading... and yes they are fantastic... all the better for watching your Ospreys with my dear!! Can't wait to take them to Scotland with me, five weeks to go and hopefully my own bit of live Osprey action. Any suggestions for a camera?? Has to be easy to use (dumb blonde!)I got the Canon EOS 300v a couple of years ago but pics are not that clear... maybe it's me at fault there who knows.
Pam 07/10/05 11:12 am I echo Mickey's sentiments:
Its a good group and all so good looking ! ;)
Thanks for all the reports - almost as good as being there - and thanks Tim for the link to your photographs. A thought occurred to me looking at our cam, pointed down at the nest, imagine all our pairs of eyes behind the glass looking down at the private lives of the ospreys.
Marie 07/10/05 11:37 am I have a Canon EOS elan II...super camera. I have a suggestion, One needs to use a tripod for crisp pics at all times. Other wise you need fast film if hand holding especially if you are using long lens's, and lots of good light. I will often use my 'SPORTS' mode for bird flight etc......faster sequence. Hope this is helpful.
Zara 07/10/05 01:21 pm Thanks very much Marie. I will do my best to follow your advice, much appreciated,. We all have to start somewhere and I have not used that camera much yet, so will give it another go this holiday.

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