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Cecilia 07/10/05 10:07 pm I posted my photos on Picture Trail and you can visit them at:

To view them you need the password which is: Osprey 05

Please note that if you choose the "Slideshow" option the titles don't come up with the pictures :-( I'm not sure why.
My 40th high school reunion is also on this site so just ignore that.

I'll also send them to Dave to post into the Archived Pictures page but this is the quickest way to get them out to you for now.

Tim's pics of the birds are not to be topped so I've just included the people and scenic shots. I took pictures of the ponds and views and the inside of the barn so you could have a tiny sense of what it is really like to be in this special spot. Betty showed up at the very end (I think Nancy had gone) so I even got one new picture of her.

Wish you all could have been with was a great day!
cathy 07/10/05 10:46 pm Hi Cecilia - Picture trail asks for a userid and a password. I registered, but don't know how to get to your photos which I would like to see.
Cecilia 07/11/05 04:16 am Sorry shouldn't have had to register to view the photos. I gave the wrong information above but I have edited the address to show the correct one. It is:

Once you get to my Visitor's Page you use the Osprey 05 password.
Shelley 07/11/05 07:15 am I still can't get in, Cec. Not sure why...
Pam 07/11/05 07:19 am Thanks Cecilia - lovely ! A real insight into the barn and the area and great to see you all. By the way, I think the password is "case-sensitive" ...
rick s. 07/11/05 08:22 am Thanks for the pics, Cecilia!
Celeste 07/11/05 08:34 am Shelley make sure you type Capital "O"sprey(space bar)05 Don't type fast when you get to the space bar part....Celeste
karen 07/11/05 08:52 am Hi all have bookmarked both Cec and Tim photo page to save for lunchtime ... It was great seeing everyone and the Dennis fly by was wonderful I really do think he was looking at us. I am already looking forward to next year!
Shelley 07/11/05 09:01 am Thanks, Celeste. I didn't leave that space, I see now that was the problem.

Cec, great photos! I love those pond views! Is this where the osprey fish?
Marie 07/11/05 09:21 am Thank you us a unique view into that special area where the osprey nest and cam are set up. So glad the weather worked out well and everyone looks like they are having fun. Great pics.
Cecilia 07/11/05 09:55 am I just should have made the password would have been a lot easier. If people still have trouble I will change it. But it is Osprey 05...with a capital O and a space between Osprey and 05. What was I thinking of :-) Shelly also caught a couple of mistakes in the titles which I have corrected.
cathy 07/11/05 10:44 am Finally I got in after I stopped improvising and took the directions seriously. Wonderful portraits of our friends! Thank you.
karen 07/11/05 10:55 am So I couldn't wait for lunchbreak ... great photos Cecilia thanks ... I am so technically challenged that all I had on my camera in the end was one shot of the table and one shot of the nest .... so I am glad to have yours and was able to share them with my husband who wants to join us next year ( I think it was the close up of the bottle of red wine that really got him interested.
Kathy 07/11/05 10:56 am Thank you Cec, great pictures!
Mickey 07/11/05 11:18 am I`ll never say another word about having to pose for THREE different cameras ever again !
fantastic pictures Cec.
Tim P 07/11/05 11:58 am Great Photos,
I felt like Indiana Jone tryin to get into the site last night.Thanx
Nancy L 07/11/05 03:28 pm Beautiful picts. Thanks, Cecilia!
Tiger 07/11/05 06:22 pm Lovely pics....a really nice memory!
Matt 07/11/05 07:30 pm Great photos Cecilia
Lori 07/11/05 08:45 pm Great pictures; Cec! Good to "see" you Melanie & Nancy! Glad that you all had a great day.
Cecilia 07/12/05 08:19 am Thanks for all of the nice compliments! I've also sent the pics to Dave and he is going to post them in the Archived Still Pictures link, along with Tim's great shots, so they will be there for people who come along later.

I have a good friend who always says, "Sometimes you get lucky" whenever anyone gives her a compliment...and in this case I feel the same way...I got lucky enough to "fall" for these birds, which led me to meeting so many nice people (through the boards and now in person) on the site...which took me to Brookhaven on a gorgeous day in July to enjoy a very special place. And everyone was patient enough to suffer being photographed so I got a chance to show you the human side of our "family" while Tim was taking those incredible photos of the birds. Indeed, sometimes you get lucky!
Shelley 07/12/05 08:39 am {{Hugs}} and thanks, to you all! I have so far only had the pleasure of meeting Celeste in person, but hopefully, one day, that number will increase!

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