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Thread subject: osprey stands
Name Date Message
hwneyes 07/11/05 07:31 am I am curious... how many osprey stands are erected on Long Island? Where are they located and are they accessible to the public?
karen 07/11/05 08:31 am I do not know how many ( somebody else might tho ) and there are several that can be seen quite well with a short walk ... are you on Long Island?
karen 07/11/05 08:50 am Ah that now explains your name! No osprey in Hawaii? THis cam gives such a great close up view that all you really miss from being there are the fly by and fishing dives which are rare evenets to see anyway.
Nancy L 07/11/05 09:29 am I would venture to say there are hundreds of osprey nests here - anywhere near the water, which is almost the whole island. What town does your relative live in? We might be able to tell you what is nearby.
DaveS 07/11/05 11:02 am According to the Peconic Estuary Program, there are almost 300 nests on Long Island; over 200 of them are on the east end, in and around the Peconic Estuary region.
karen 07/11/05 02:09 pm I knew someone would know ...thanks Dave
Nancy L 07/11/05 03:25 pm That's inland a little bit. Let's see who can answer that one.
Mickey 07/11/05 05:18 pm this nest is 10 minutes from Bellport. Tim has said theres a few in the Bellport/Patchogue area.
DaveS 07/11/05 06:00 pm There's a nest on the golf course in Bellport near the Great South Bay. Another nest on the WALK radio tower in East Patchogue next to Mud Creek and the Bay. Tim knows of another in Patchogue.
Matt 07/11/05 07:40 pm I am not sure of any near Brookhaven labs, but if there are, the following places may have them.

Lake Panamoka - north of Brookhaven labs

Peasys Pond, Grassy Pond, Sandy Pond, Prestons Pond, Linus Pond, Sandy Pond (yes another one named that), Swan Lake - all are east of the lab. Most of those ponds are very shallow and most likely do not sustain Ospreys through out the nesting season. However they would provide a fish or two every now and then. Swan Lake however is much deeper than the rest of those ponds and there are plenty of bass in there. However I have not seen any Ospreys there in the few times I was there. But out of all of them, Swan Lake would be the most likely one to have them.

Forge Pond has them, though thats further east of Swan Lake. Where the nests are exactly, I don't know. They seem to be hidden, but I have seen them fly over the lake and take fish out of there. Redtail hawks can be seen here too.

Southhaven County Park - south of Brookhaven labs and north of DPOF nest has Ospreys flying around there. One nest is right by the water but is not in use. Actually nothing is on that stand. I have seen Ospreys fly north along the river, but not sure of where any nests are. Most likely they're natural nests in here. The northern part of Southhaven Park, Upper Lake and Lower Lake (outside of the park boundary) may have them too, but i'm not sure.
Lori 07/11/05 08:51 pm Wertheim is not that far from the lab; they could go there too.
Matt 07/11/05 08:55 pm An even better idea, canoe down the Carmens River.
Nancy L 07/11/05 08:59 pm Hwneyes - if & when you get here, come on the Message Board again & we can direct you better.
Tim P 07/11/05 10:37 pm Let me get this right.
hwneyes is looking for osprey nests in Brookhaven that her relatives can go observe?
Have they been out doors lately?
Seems like every where I go I'm running in to an osprey.
The other day some osprey down on his luck hit me up for $5 dollars. I just canĂ¢€™t get away from em.
All of the suggestions above are good to start. ; )
Cecilia 07/12/05 08:33 am I agree with Matt...a canoe ride down (or up) the Carmen's river will let you see osprey on nests and in the air...maybe even fishing. I wonder if the marina near Betty's rents canoes or kayacks? I know that there is a boat rental place up near the highway which is where we put in our canoe last year (so we were coming down the river). I can't remember what road it's on but I'll bet Mickey can tell you.
Nancy L 07/12/05 09:54 am Montauk Highway - about a mile west of the William Floyd Parkway.
Matt 07/12/05 07:03 pm Cecilia, Glacier Bay Sports on Montauk Highway is the only place there that rents canoes and kayaks. A bit further east of Glacier Bay Sports is the DEC launching site as well, though carrying a canoe or kayak the distance from the parking lot to the water is absurd. Whoever designed/built this thing has no clue about carrying boats. The marina by Betty does not rent nor do they advertise it. If they do, its kept very quiet.

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