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Thread subject: WALK Osprey Stuck on Tower
Name Date Message
Hugopetty 07/11/05 07:16 pm I live near WALK radio station in East Patchogue and one of the osprey from that nest has been sitting half way up the tower for the past 12 hours. It appears that his wing may be injured, as he appears unable to use both wings. I don't know if anything can be done, but if anyone lives nearby they may want to take a look at it. The nest is on the antenna for WALK, near Dockside 500, and Mud Creek.
Matt 07/11/05 07:51 pm Has WALK announced this on radio? I haven't seen it on their site, though not sure if they update anything about the nest there.
Hugopetty 07/11/05 08:00 pm No Matt, WALK is not involved with the nest. A neighbor brought this to my attention this morning, and when I first looked at it, from the ground of course, I just thought the osprey was resting. My neighbor and I returned again this evening, and that is when we noticed the bird had not moved and could not seem to move one of it's wings. I've called several wildlife org., but no one was able to advise me on what to do. Some said to call 911, but I do not believe the police would get involved with this type of matter.

For all I know it could be a young out for his first flight, afraid to return to the air, but it did appear that the bird was injured.

I guess we just have to let Mother Nature handle it.
Matt 07/11/05 08:03 pm Police won't get involved unless the Osprey gets tangled in somebody's hair. Wildlife organizations should at least take a look or something. Strange. But your last statement is the best. Let nature take its course.

The last thing you want to do is lose a finger or two. But then to do anything you would need permission to go on the tower and etc.... So much red tape.
Hugopetty 07/11/05 08:16 pm You are so right Matt. Thanks for reassuring me that I did all that I could. You made me feel much better. Thanks again!
Shelley 07/11/05 08:20 pm I am surprised that a wildlife organization wouldn't be interested in at least having a look. They may not be able to do anything but if anyone would be able to advise, I would think they might.
How sad for the poor bird....
Cecilia 07/11/05 10:07 pm Before giving up totally you should call:

Volunteers for Wildlife @ 631-423-0982. This is their number for Injured Wildlife

Also, The Rescue Center of the Hamptons @ 631-728-9453

And: The Star Foundation @ 631-736-8207

These are all organizations dedicated to rescuing and caring for injured wildlife. I would start with Volunteers for Wildlife and work down the list if the bird is still there tomorrow. I hope you can find someone who will help!
Tim P 07/11/05 10:27 pm I just got home. Too bad I didn't see this post earlier. I'm going to go to The Walk tower in the am.before work.

Tim P 07/12/05 08:08 am Went by the tower this morning didn't seem to be any birds in distress.
karen 07/12/05 08:20 am Glad to hear that Tim ...
Cecilia 07/12/05 08:22 am Oh Tim...I wish you had been around earlier too :-( I didn't see Hugopetty's post until 10:00 last night so all of my info about the rescue operations was too late for him/her.
Shelley 07/12/05 08:38 am Glad to hear this, too. Thanks, Tim.

Cec, it's still good info and hopefully, people in that area will take note, for future reference! Thanks for that, too
Celeste 07/12/05 09:11 am I just copied & pasted your info Cec....good to keep handy, (just in case).....Glad you checked it out Tim too.
Lori 07/12/05 09:27 am Thanks Tim for checking & Thankyou Cec for the #'s I've saved them for a "just in case" :-)
Tom I 07/12/05 06:50 pm Maybe it was just a fledgling with cold feet (to try flying again)?

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