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Thread subject: One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish....
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CathyMeyer 07/11/05 07:40 pm Pardon me Dr. Seuss while I steal a line from your famous book! Got a good laugh out of our various descriptions of small, medium and large fish in the last few days. Some are red, some are orange, some are silver. I suppose a lot is due our various computers and realPlayer "not so true colors". Or is it the variety of fish being brought in to teach the youngsters what is edible? Please excuse my odd sense of humor and novice bird watching.
Matt 07/11/05 07:48 pm Cathy, I don't think its the colors. I think whatever is the easiest to find. We've seen all types of fish brought here and in other nests as well. I honestly don't think Ospreys can tell color though, well they probably can differentiate colors. They would have to in order to see a fish in the water. But I don't think they can see colors as we do.

I could be wrong. Anyone have any books that would tell us different?
Mickey 07/11/05 07:56 pm IMO, the observers are indeed seeing red/gold/orange. These are clearly taken from nearby private goldfish/koi ponds. To see how well these birds are eating, just google the words koi fish. They wont eat this good in South America.
The silver fish are local fish. I`ve even seen brown and rainbow trout brought in. Bluefish ,flounder,eels,catfish are all local too. The chicks will eat anything they are given even a dead sibling. I dont think they`re being taught whats edible. I do think they learn how to rip a fish though.
thats just my opinion.
Matt 07/11/05 07:57 pm Actually for Ospreys, trout would be the best for them as they're high in protein. Especially trout raised in a hatchery.
Tim P 07/11/05 10:50 pm Mickey and I had a similar conversation while we gathered together.
Koi food is specifically designed fish food. It comes in pellet form.
It has all of the nutrients a fish would need to survive and breed during a healthy life.
Koi grow very fast when fed and can become a substantial fish in our short season.
By the way Koi can live for hundreds of years.
In short you probably couldn’t provide a better diet for an osprey chick.
These birds are fortunate to have this luxury, without the Koi pond they wouldn’t have been this successful.

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