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Thread subject: The new clips are up
Name Date Message
Melanie 07/12/05 11:21 am one of the food fight/aggression and the other of a good lift.

I'd like to think if you listen very hard at the 3min 06sec on the good lift clip you can hear us down below cheering
Celeste 07/12/05 11:37 am Yes! You do hear "us" at the very moment of "lift off"!!!!!!!

Thanks Dave & Tom for the clips!
Shelley 07/12/05 11:51 am I think I heard you too! You guys must have been really loud, to be heard above that wind!!

I actually remember witnessing that nest aggression and, watching it again now, it still amazes me how it really was about dominance and pecking order in the nest and not at all about the fish. That fish just sat there, completely untouched, long after the actual fight was over...
Pam 07/12/05 12:43 pm I heard you too !
Kathy 07/12/05 12:54 pm I heard you!

Thanks Dave and Tom.
Cecilia 07/12/05 01:06 pm Wow...I loved the snorting and honking! And, can definitely hear us cheering. Thanks Dave
Marie 07/12/05 06:35 pm Indeed we do hear the voices..great footage on both clips. I had missed both as usual.........
Thanks Dave and Tom
Mickey 07/12/05 06:41 pm the snorting is funny!
at one point before liftoff the chick looks around as if testing the wind. Its a great clip and it still made me misty, just like I did when we all observed it. CAN YOU BELIEVE WE SAW IT LIVE THERE IN PERSON!!!??
Mickey 07/12/05 06:53 pm 2 questions:

who was this in the clip listing off ?
whoz doing all these today 7/12 ?
Cecilia 07/12/05 09:52 pm I'm just assuming it's Brook because of the age advantage but I'm finding it harder to tell them a part and with all the leaping and movement in that clip it's pretty impossible to see much but wings. On Saturday Dave noted that he could see a distinct difference in their necklaces (that we can't see with the cam picture) and also in that we may have a male and a female. But in the excitement I don't think anyone thought to try to identify which one was getting air. I was watching a number of lift-offs today and I think it was the same bird. I predict that Celeste will be the only one of us up early enough tomorrow morning to see the first least to the cam perch :-)
Melanie 07/13/05 10:24 am I am suspecting that we have a male and female, also, based on size. There is a noticeable difference between the two just in the last week. My thought is that Brook is the female and Haven the male but it's difficult to differentiate unless they are side by side.

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