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Thread subject: That Wasnt Fair
Name Date Message
Mickey 07/13/05 06:52 pm The last feeding wasnt fair. I ate dinner so fast.Never leaving the pc.To see who would do the flap/lift thing.Then I could afix behaviour with lifting.
Sure enough.........they both ate so much they went straight to napsville !! Not 1 lousey token flap lol
was I the onlyone who did this?
karen 07/13/05 07:32 pm I havent had dinenr yet but I am on the home computer because of the same reason .... does not look like it will a flying night tho
CathyMeyer 07/13/05 07:34 pm I'm sure you're not the only one. Think they're in end of day 'fish coma' and before had figured they were down for the day however have seen them awaken within an hour or so to shoot rockets and flap so there's still time! In fact, one is stirring now, 7:33 PM.
Mickey 07/13/05 07:36 pm Im gunna try and sneak in a toasted almond icecream bar :)

watch one fledge when Im out in the kitchen !
CathyMeyer 07/13/05 07:47 pm Mickey: Hope you finished your ice cream before that rocket fired!
CathyMeyer 07/13/05 07:48 pm ...and fire # 2! Cam froze in rocket mode of one chick and wing flapping of the other.
Mickey 07/13/05 07:55 pm grrrrrrr
I came back with the cam resetting/ froze with both chicks wings flapping lol
Matt 07/13/05 09:46 pm Mickey, go back to the kitchen and get something to drink. Maybe they'll both fledge then. :)
Grace 07/13/05 10:37 pm I rarely see the good stuff either. Obs usually say
"feeding ended around (Insert 5 minutes ago), or Brook got good air (posted right before I signed on)

Thankful for everyone who keeps me up to date.
Kathy 07/13/05 10:45 pm Grace, you can look at the highlight clips, to see some of the good stuff.
Dave just posted two new and recent ones, on 7/9
"Chicks get violent" and "Chick gets big air."
That's how I get to see the happenings in the nest.
CathyMeyer 07/13/05 10:45 pm It's 40 past 10, no sight of the hen, two chicks with heads together in a huddle, in silent 'osprey speak': "Mickey's gone for a treat, let's do something neat!" Good night all...
Marie 07/14/05 12:23 am Oh Cathy M you are quite the poet.
I went out and got my OSPREY TREAT in reality. Saw Six adults and four you can't do better than that in four hours of Birding
Grace 07/14/05 08:11 am Thanks, Kathy. I was afraid that one of the chicks was going to get pushed out of the nest during the tussle. Does that ever happen?

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