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Thread subject: He ate the whole FISH
Name Date Message
Marie 07/14/05 01:59 am It was a lovely late afternoon and evening here in Victoria so I decided to check on the nests that I monitor. The two eaglets at the golf course are bouncing around and flapping wildly on branches above and adjacent to their nest. They are bigger than their parents at this stage. All dark brown with patchy creamy coloured feathers to the underlinings of their wings. They will be flying I am sure by Friday. Hopefully they will wait till I can watch them early Saturday moning.
1st osprey nest... I found the female screeching for food when I drove up. It wasn't a mellow food soliciting sound but an angry, loud shrieking call. After a while it occured to me that the male must be within sight. A pan with my binocularsI discovered the male on one of his favorite snags close to the fir trees. He had a fish in his talons and was busy removing its head, however the twist and tear activity went on far too long. At this rate I thought the fish would never get to the nest. Sure enough...........he ate the WHOLE FISH while the female continued to call with that irritated cricket sound to the end of her call . He then had the audacity to fly to the nest with nothing. It was a wonder she didn't boot him out! Just goes to show he has the power and control where fish delivery are concerned. Eventually he flies off again. Hopefully to get another fish.
2nd nest doesn't appear to have any chicks in it. Two adults were on the nest when I arrived but both flew off after a bald eagle...I motored on.
3rd nest...the male delivered a fish to his very quiet female within 20 minutes of my arrival. She only started calling when he was flying over the bank of trees. Their chicks are still very small. I could just barely see two little heads being fed by the female.
I left this nest once the male departed and headed to the lagoon to watch 15 herons fishing along with 12 Caspian terns diving for their supper. A number of black oystercatchers were basking in the sun at the edge of the lagoon. I left the lagoon and happened on two young bucks browsing on the grass at the roadside...nice. It was a great encounter with the birds and Nature.
Pam 07/14/05 06:50 am Thank you Marie - will look for the young eagles at Race Rocks !
Celeste 07/14/05 06:53 am Ah "those" osprey guys.....! Thank you for the "nature expedition"!
Shelley 07/14/05 07:49 am Sounds WONDERFUL!!! Thanks, Marie!
karen 07/14/05 08:40 am When are we all coming to go out birding and nature walking with you? Who wants to drive the bus? Mickey maybe we can all go in the van?
Nancy L 07/14/05 09:13 am Marie - last night my husband & I were watching a special on eagles. I never knew about the "fish eagles." They went through a variety, starting with the African fish eagle. But they don't fish as the osprey do. They swoop down over the water to grab the fish. Also, an eagle in a jungle, swoops down & catches snakes!
Celeste 07/14/05 05:27 pm That was an excellent documentary. How about the eagles in Africa I believe, who have two eggs only every 2 years, and only one chick will survive, as the first hatched eats the second one who hatches. The second egg is for insurance purposes only.....they are always one chick nests.
Marie 07/14/05 07:53 pm Celeste I think that is the Harpy Eagle, Whoops that can't be for the Harpy is found only in tropical South is considered to be the world's strongest eagle. Maybe I was thinking of the African Crowned eagle. Both these two eagle species have a crown of featheres. Very imperial eagles. Not sure if these two have only one eaglet that survives.
Certainly all eagles are glorious birds of prey.
Bet that was a great documentary Nancy. I love programs like that. I must watch for it to come my way

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