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Thread subject: A thought about who fledges first
Name Date Message
Celeste 07/14/05 08:30 am As I watch the younger chick air lift more than the older chick, I wonder if they are more "programmed" to fledge as soon as possible because they seem to miss out on getting a fair amount of fish during feedings. The frustration of not being able to eat pushes this urge to fly as soon as possible. Last year the youngest chick Spirit fledged first, and Chick 2 the first year also fledged first. Those of you who watched last year, the oldest plumpest chick, CZ, was the last to fledge of three chicks. As I type this the older chick is satisfied with eating, and Haven is lifting out of camera view over and over again, and has not had one morsel to eat yet today. Would love to know if any studies have been done in osprey nests which indicate who fledges first in the nest, the oldest chick, or the ones that are younger. Just a thought...
karen 07/14/05 08:38 am I had the same thought watching yesterday and also that being lighter in weight may make it easier to lift off.
Shelley 07/14/05 08:46 am My thoughts precisely. Gravity and all that jazz.... ;-)
Cecilia 07/14/05 08:52 am I don't think I've read anything in Poole's books that addresses this but I'll bet now that there are cams watching so many nests that we'll know in a few years. I would guess, like Karen, that the fact that the less dominant chicks aren't getting as much food, and therefore weigh less, makes it easier for them to get airborne. And in our nest, couple that with the fact that Haven, being male (which I think we've decided), makes him lighter in the first place so he has that advantage too.
Mickey 07/14/05 10:33 am I also think it will be Haven first. He`ll reach a point where he`ll have had enough of all the female chatter and just up and leave :) A fella can only listen to so much talk about whats a good stain remover for Red Wine :)
karen 07/14/05 10:59 am Is that why you drink white?
Mickey 07/14/05 11:11 am Heres a thought, dont you think they will wait for a windy day to liftoff?

(yes Karen) :)
Vicki in S. CA. 07/14/05 11:59 am It is pretty much accepted in peregrine nests that the males, who are smaller and lighter in weight, fledge first. A matter of less mass to lift.
Cecilia 07/14/05 01:32 pm Another factoid that we may learn over time with all of these they wait for a windy day to try their first flight or do they get picked up and end up forced to find out they can fly, by accident, on a windy day? :-)
Tiger 07/14/05 03:44 pm I was thinking about this and it occured to me that on windy days they may fledge whether they intend to or not. In that hover position a gust of wind would easily take them away from the nest.
Marie 07/15/05 02:25 am I totally agree.......they need a bit of wind.....

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