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Thread subject: HAVEN HAS FLEDGED!
Name Date Message
Celeste 07/15/05 06:23 am Brook was busy eating the fish that Dennis dropped between the two chicks. Betty who also flew in when Dennis dropped this fish, was uninterested in the catch but was standing at the back of the nest observing the chicks fighting over the fish. Haven did what she normally does when "she loses"....flaps and complains.....Suddenly she airlifted toward Betty who was standing at the 1 o'clock position. At first I believe Betty suddenly flew out of the nest out of Haven's way, and then Haven immediately followed. Would love to see a clip as it is possible that Haven flew first and then Betty!!!!! I never expected it to happen as Haven was not flapping as often as she normally does in the early am. There was no wind, and in fact it will be another humid still day it seems. I almost walked away, but decided to give it 5 more minutes. Though exciting, I always find this time of year to be bittersweet. Here's a wish to fly safe and free to all of "our" osprey.....
Tiger 07/15/05 06:46 am Ah I missed it!

But well done Haven. Another triumph for under eating!
Pam 07/15/05 07:10 am So glad our so patient observer Celeste caught the big moment in order to report to us. Happiness for the birds, bitter-sweet for us !
CathyMeyer 07/15/05 07:57 am Wow, how exciting! The early bird does indeed catch the worm and now we can add the fledging too. If that is Brook left in the nest she's got plenty of room to flap now. Maybe curiosity or boredom will coax her out now. I was wondering if there would be an overnight or early morning fledge as that's what happened with our mourning doves in my hanging plants on the front porch. There one night, gone the next morning. The 2nd set of doves will be leaving next week. They grow fast, lay eggs in a few days, egg sit 2 weeks, grow 2 weeks then fledge. Sorry, it's easy for me to get off topic quickly.
rick s. 07/15/05 08:45 am I went out for my morning walk, and missed the big moment!!! ...........Oh well, free, pretty bird!
karen 07/15/05 08:49 am I missed but but glad Celeste caught the moment!
Shelley 07/15/05 08:54 am Ok, it's been over 2 hours now since she flew. I wonder how long till she returns to the nest. Does anyone remember (or can anyone find) how long it was last year? I wonder if breakfast might entice her back...? I wonder if she is just sitting there on the cam perch the whole time, wondering how the heck she got there and what to do next, or if she is flying her lttle heart out, rejoicing in this newfound skill....
Cecilia 07/15/05 09:15 am And then there was one! Well...I predicted that Celeste would catch the moment...I just picked the wrong day :-) How exciting. The first I knew that it had happened was when I brought up the cam picture and saw only one bird...but the video wouldn't play and then I got the dog so I finally resorted to reading the Obs.

Yes, bittersweet is just the right word. Seeing Brook alone made me instantly aware of how quickly the next few weeks will fly and how we will see less and less of our family....and at the same time I felt thrilled that Haven's instincts had kicked in and that he/she had taken to the skies!

It does sound like he might be still sitting on the cam perch. I hear rumblings every few minutes and Brook keeps looking up that way. He's only had a little practice perching, on the "practice bar," so getting the hang of finding his balance and letting his talons do what comes naturally will take a little while. I'm sure we'll see him back in the nest at some point...probably as soon as Dennis brings in a fish:-)

Congratulations Celeste...your patience and early bird schedule paid off again!
Nancy L 07/15/05 09:21 am So glad you caught the fledge, Celeste, Thanks for the great commentary.
Mickey 07/15/05 09:26 am congrats for catching it Celeste :)

thats 2 for you. Should I log it into my unofficial database ? *wink*
Marie 07/15/05 09:28 am Congratulations CELESTE...and of course to our little osprey that was the patient one. It always pays off to be patient.
Now how long before our heavyweight can lift off.
rick s. 07/15/05 09:39 am Haven's patience is reflected in Celeste's diligence to capture the go girl!
Kathy 07/15/05 10:12 am What a way to start my day! Celeste, great obs this morning and congratulations for being the one to catch Haven take her first flight.

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