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Thread subject: Congratulations, Marie!
Name Date Message
Nancy L 07/15/05 02:35 pm You win! You came closest in the "fledge poll," only off by one day.
Mickey 07/15/05 02:40 pm one day?? wowzer! CONGRATS!
Celeste 07/15/05 03:03 pm Nancy, since you told us on Saturday you keep a "log" of all this information...what date did I choose? I can't even remember......

Congrats Marie!
Kathy 07/15/05 03:08 pm Way to go Marie.
Nancy, can you list the predictions, be fun to see what everyone picked.
Tiger 07/15/05 03:08 pm Tiger 06/19/05 04:50 pm Has anyone made any first fledge gestimates yet??

Well my guess is going to be for 17th July.

My reasoning goes something like this. This nest is about 7 days behind last year's nest. Also I feel that Brooke and Haven are likely to be a bit more like a Cz than a Spirit so that is how I have gone for the date I have chosen.

Nancy L 06/19/05 09:07 pm I'm going out on a limb & guessing July 6th.

Melanie 06/19/05 09:08 pm Let's see - they have just finished 5 weeks, right? I agree that they will need another 4 weeks of getting toned up - goodness knows they won't be lacking in the bulkking up department. I agree that will be the week, but I'll pick the 19th.

Judy 06/19/05 09:39 pm I'm still sticking to my guess of July 11th.

Marie 06/19/05 10:47 pm And I will guess the July 16th. for Brook and 18th for Haven

Celeste 06/20/05 04:46 am July 19 th and July 21st......(hmmm, last year Spirit went first....maybe cause he was "lighter"?)....sooo, Haven first and then Brook, (a la CZ):))

Anne 06/20/05 06:08 am I think they were 4 weeks old on 21 and 23/6, so I will go by the text book and say 10 weeks, ie 28th and 30th July.

Pam 06/20/05 08:08 am Brook has been testing her wings more than Haven so I think she will be first and here is my wild guess because I can't work it out academically - 18th July for Brook :))

Tiger 06/20/05 09:26 am Anne first chick hatched on 19th May and second on 21st May.

RonS 06/20/05 11:02 am I'll be selfish and guess July 9th only so that the folks at the "gathering" can get first hand photos of the fledge. ;-)

Celeste 06/20/05 01:16 pm Ron we intend to speak very loud and hopefully you will hear us too!

Anne 06/20/05 05:12 pm Sorry Tiger - dont know how i arrived at those dates for hatching.
Nancy L 07/15/05 04:36 pm Thanks, Tiger
Marie 07/15/05 06:49 pm Oh thank you, thank you all...( I did get the birds wrong though)....that is so nice to come home from work to...for it is grey and raining here at present, BUT on my way home I stopped off at the Golf course and saw the two eaglets bouncing among the limbs of the firs with little flights between levels. Oh they just want to fly so bad with those enormous wings of theirs. Tomorrow will be their BIG DAY.

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