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Thread subject: A fish Delivery
Name Date Message
Marie 07/15/05 08:26 pm It becomes hard to watch when a fish is brought to the nest for the chicks to eat. This one tonight is almost comsumed by the alpha chick. What an appetite our Brook can she eat so much.I wish Haven had a little more fight in her and would challenge but I guess she isn't as strong by any means due to her lack of her share of the spoils over the past few days. Hopefully flying around will make her stronger in the end. At this rate Brook won't even get off the nest tomorrow with all her added weight. This gets harder to watch knowing there isn't much fish left as Miss PIGGY eats and eats. Well as luck would have it Haven has finally made a lunge and got some of the tail end. Guess Betty had the head at least.
Shelley 07/15/05 08:43 pm I wonder, will Dennis continue to feed her out of the nest? Yes, now that she has fledged, she will soon have to learn to fish for herself but until that happens, will she be fed on a branch somewhere, do you think, so she can learn how to hold a fish on a branch or some other surface? She was off the nest for quite some time this morning, after all.

I fully agree with you, Marie, that it is sad to watch at feeding times, but I'm hoping....
Marie 07/15/05 08:55 pm Yes Shelley I think it will be OK. Both the adults will feed the young fledglings for a while but we know that Betty won't for too much longer. She leaves first on migration sometime in early August, I believe. I think it is a while till the juveniles learn to catch fish on their own, but they have the male for a lot longer to teach them the skills, so all should be well for these two in the end.
Celeste 07/15/05 10:16 pm I have read that the chicks will start catching their own fish about 5 days after they fledge. And in a couple of weeks will become quite good at it. I have also read that chicks who are raised in hacking towers, learn to fish on their own so the ability to fish is from instinct. Yes, Betty will leave soon, and the chicks will either be brought fish by Dennis, or catch their own. Also, fledged chicks sometimes go to other nests and the adults in those nests will bring fish to that nest and not chase these "strange" chicks away. I find it very difficult also to watch when the alpha chick eats the fish leaving little for the sibling. If you remember Spirit missed out on quite a few meals. It is at these times that I try to remember "survival of the fittest"...(though I dislike the term)..Nature's way.
Marie 07/15/05 11:42 pm Thanks Celeste for those interesting facts from the osprey Bibles. So glad some of you have these resources. Always lots to learn.
That sad, sad feeling that comes with watching the chicks take that plunge from helplessness and dependance to graceful flyers, keeps welling up in me. I have to really work hard to keep it locked up for the time being. Plenty of time in the future weeks to get sentimental.
Still, I am feeling the emptiness of my swallow family departure, for indeed they have now gone.....They left on the 11th...Sadness must be replaced by a sense of accomplishment and joy for I had an opportunity to help provide the right habitat for three more little feathered creatures to hatch and fledge. These young birds now join a host of others that grace our skies these days. Their beauty and flight bring pleasure to us humans that dare or care to look up a moment to watch the birds.
Shelley 07/16/05 06:06 am So well said, Marie. I share your feelings on this, this mixture of joy and sadness at how amazing nature is, with this cycle of life we are privileged to witness, over andover again...

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