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Thread subject: Next Year!!!
Name Date Message
Zara 07/17/05 06:41 pm When do I tune in?? I will try and brush up on both Osprey and computer knowledge over the coming months,so next year I'm not such a 'newbie' or pain!!
Tiger 07/17/05 06:42 pm Well the camera will come on sometime in early March or late February.

This forum will remain active as there are always topics available.
Tiger 07/17/05 06:52 pm Oh in the autumn there may be the excitement of satellite tracking of ospreys. THe BBC are making a programme on migration and they have bought four transmitters for Martha's Vineyard Ospreys. We had great fun watching Bluebeard (a mature male) migrate to Colombia and then journey all the way back in the spring arriving home on April 8.


In Britain there is the excitement of a new translocation of eight juvenile ospreys to Rutland Water. They arrived a few days ago and should be released in about 10 daystime.

Tim P 07/17/05 07:53 pm Don't go away yet Zara. The season was cut short last year as an electrical storm blew out the camera in August. Hopefully this year we can watch the foliage change and have some stray birds visit the nest after the osprey go south.
I'd like it to stay on all year,maybe the Great Horned Owl will make a cameo apperance. Besides the conversation on this board continues through out the year.
Melanie 07/17/05 09:33 pm Right now emotions are running high with the fledging so things have been a little loose on the observations board - it's very understandable and no one is immune to it. Don't sweat it and stick around - we're here all through the winter.
cathy 07/18/05 12:12 am Its very interesting to see the process of translocation in Rutland, and great photos of it (Tiger referred to it above). There is also a good photos of 3 large osprey chicks in Rutland being banded and lying docily on a towel in the grass. I'll bet they fluffed up and gave everyone their meanest look after they returned to their nests, as in Melanie's banding adventure.
P.S. I just wrote our state dept of ecology that is having hearings on new rules to phase out "persistent bioaccumulative toxics" (as DDT was before it was banned) since they may affect humans as well as ospreys. Winter is a good time to advocate for care of these animals.
Celeste 07/18/05 05:55 am Yes, Zara do check in through the "off" season. We had a wonderful "off season" last year, with continued discussions that varied....and in the process we continued to all "grow and learn".....It really helps to have this site during the long, cold, snowy days, particularly those of us do not live in "warm" climates year long!

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