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Thread subject: WALK FM TOWER
Name Date Message
Tim P 07/17/05 09:38 pm I put up a few pictures of the FM radio tower that was mentioned a few times this year.This tower is extremly high, maybe Dave knows the height? 200ft?
Also some young osprey pictures.
On the page titled Not Osprey is a bird I encounterd on my Saturday osprey outting, I'm not sure what exactly it is, anybody want to give it a try? Take out those books.
Go have a try.
Matt 07/17/05 10:11 pm Tim, that is a Green Heron.
Tim P 07/17/05 10:33 pm I marked it with a red arrow Matt.
Cecilia 07/17/05 10:35 pm Give Matt an A+ :-)

Matt 07/17/05 10:36 pm I see it Tim. I also just saw the Green Heron label under its picture. Originally I missed it because of the black typing against the blue background. Let me take a look at that other one.
Matt 07/17/05 10:49 pm The other one looks very much like a Lesser Yellowlegs. What gets me is that it breeds from Alaska to Hudson Bay and winters along coasts of southern California and Virgina southward, and along the Gulf Coast.

This is from my Audubon book on birds.

It is possible that they could have moved here over time.

The Greater Yellowlegs is very similar to the Lesser, but the beak color is different and the Greater is a bit darker brown.
Tim P 07/17/05 10:54 pm I want to call it a lesser yellow leg but the tertials seem different and the chest almost shows no white.Maybe it's a juvenile lesser?
Shelley 07/17/05 11:03 pm Ask Marie. I bet she'll know!

Great photos, Tim!! I think my very favourite is the large one you have captioned *Hello!* It's priceless! :-)
Tim P 07/17/05 11:10 pm Could it be a Willet Matt? Thanx Shell, That is the hen on the Sunrise Hgwy.
Matt 07/17/05 11:11 pm Tim that is what I was thinking too. It could be a young one. Take a look at this site and see what you think.

It has the picture of a juvenile.

Great pictures you took. Thanks.
Matt 07/17/05 11:13 pm Tim, the body shape and beak are very close for a Willet, but the Willet does not have yellow legs.
Marie 07/18/05 01:47 am Tim, what a gorgeous Green Heron you took....that is a breeding plumaged green heron. I am jealous.
As for your Lesser Yellowlegs.............mmm a hard one... wanted to say yes to your decision but finally resorted to....what I believe is ....a Juvenile Greater Yellowlegs, simply because
1) the long, ever so slightly curved bill is longer than the width of its head, by another half length. Lessers have a straight billed, and just slightly longer than the width of its head. Bill isn't usually two toned.
2) The upper parts of the birde are so brown, spotty and notched.
3) Distinct brown streaks on breast usually form a neat although smudgy breast band. You can see this on the front head on pic.
If you heard it make a call..Tu Tu Tu...then it was a greater yellowlegs.

I had to resort to my Shorebird/Waders book of the world by Hayman, Marchant, Prater...;-)
Celeste 07/18/05 05:52 am First of all Tim, thank you......and I have "bookmarked" the site as you suggest....and
thank goodness Marie you found this site....We learn something from you all the time.
Tim P 07/18/05 08:25 am So I'm calling this bird a Greater Yellow Legs?
Thanx Marie & Matt. As I came off the beach Saturday the Heron was sitting in a cedar tree much to my surprise.
Celeste as long as the birds are around I will try to provide something interesting to look at.You really should see how high the tower is, the nest looks so small as you look with the naked eye.
Melanie 07/18/05 11:14 am Don't rule out the lesser based on geography - they are frequently seen on Cape Cod. I asked my mother to take a look at it - she's a 600+ life-lister. Her inclination is a juvie Greater Yellowlegs, but said that she couldn't rule out a lesser. Like Marie said, the call wiould be the determining factor.
Pam 07/18/05 11:43 am In my guide to Birds of North America there is a picture of a bird that looks just like your photo Tim - it is the Upland Sandpiper - it is 10" long and has yellow legs. Its territorial call is a long slurred whistle.
Pam 07/18/05 12:49 pm Have been having another look or three or four and think perhaps the Upland Sandpiper's beak is not as long as that of your bird. I'll leave it to the experts !!

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